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  • But...But...I try to be a good owner. Those turtles are just too picky. They think they're better than all of the other reptiles, JUST because they have shells. Pfft.

    Nope. We also somewhat "adopted" a cat at one time when we lived in our old house. He didn't come with us though, since he was a stray. Besides all of them short lived pets though...I recently had to put to sleep a dalmatian who's been with my family ever since I was 2. I miss that dude.
    probably some dumb asnwer like "get some more rats out of the attic".
    or, "let them drink it, they'll die AFTER they leave anyways.
    I'm being completely serious though. Also, I named all of them Milo. And if I caught another turtle today, I'd do the same.

    Speaking of this, what pets have you had throughout the course of your life?
    What if I added a toothpick instead of a cigarette? :<

    Oh, I love snakes. I had a snake not to long ago named Vexx. ...Lame name, I know, but still. It was a mole snake. Shame I had to let it go because it never ate anything. Just like all 13 of the box turtles I've had throughout my life. *sniff*
    I use a program called gimp to edit gifs. You can edit each frame just like you would a normal picture(although altering a gif takes a lot longer since you have to make sure the frames match up). I'm semi-skilled in image editing, but only to the extent that helps me make cool avatars and the occassional sig pic. :p
    Yeah. In gifs, more frames, a bigger image resolution, and more colors all contribute to bigger file sizes. The original animation is here, which I got down to this before realizing it was STILL too big for a custom av. And I thought trimming regular images down to size was finicky.
    Techno headbanging Zekrom tend to have that effect on people.

    And it's not really impressive, since I just used the animation rip someone else did of Zekrom's game sprite. :p Although I had to cut out most of the frames just to get the damned thing to fit under the filesize limit, headbanging-rave-lights Zekrom works as well as normally animated Zekrom. At least I think it does!
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