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  • Well that means they're hiding something that we don't want, or need to see.

    Yeah, that or that weird thing with insanely high attack.

    You are always upset.
    Well I'm thinking about going with the blue dude, but I'm not sure yet.

    Well she probably was too busy to be a mod then.
    Yeah, I know... it's really weird. I wasn't even a member here for an entire year when I was first modded.... so it's been a long time since I was a normal member....... 5 years of being a mod is a long time...
    Well fighting types this gen are really cool looking though. I've having a hard time deciding which one I want.
    No. It does not count. It's kind of creepy that you were watching a stranger play with rocks in the middle of nowhere, too.

    Oh, and remember yesterday, when I was telling you how I could make a better Gear evolution than they did? Well, BAM. Name: Gearhog. Height: 5'11". Weight: 224 lbs. Type: Steel/Fire. Classification: The Awesome Pokemon. Think Nintendo will hire me?

    It seems like I was the only kid on Earth who played video games back then. :[ Speaking of that though, in South Carolina, there are lizards everywhere. I used to catch those all day and ask my mom if I could keep them as pets, but she's a meanie.
    You're welcome! And thanks for the compliment! Just to be absolutely clear, does that mean you found these convincing? Please let me know if any were less than convincing (I really do want to know). I have the odd idea that if I can ever compile my articles into a book, I'd like to hear from quite a few different non-theistic skeptics--maybe Richard Dawkins will review that part of the manuscript since I'm such a fan of his (LOL).

    I think my brother is willing to join me to make another similar article in the future. At one point, I plan to go solo and "machine gun down" a large portion of them with short responses.

    Anyway...I'm thinking of getting into avatar captions at some point. Only, I want to keep using Pikachu avatars. Which means I have some ideas, but I don't want to wait for somebody with a specific avatar posts in an avatar-captioning game. Here's an example (except with a link to a Pokedex page with a picture):
    What do you think?
    Why thank you Profesco. :) I've heard only good things about you around the forms so it means a lot. The sig was mainly an attempt to remind people that you don't have to like every single design from every generation and it's unreasonable to expect to like them all.
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