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  • Well, have you ever seen someone hours away from any sort of civilization in a forest playing heavy rock? I think not.

    ...You'll be the Antichrist. Get away from me.

    I kind of wish I could play that game again now, just to see how fast I could beat it. It stumped me for days as a kindergartener. Oh, what games did you play when you were a kid?
    Not at all. I can't believe we finally got a polar bear and he ends up being a snot-nosed, feather-crotched dork. :[

    I never denied that. I'm a little bit country AND a little bit rock 'n roll.

    Oh, right. I forgot I was talking to Profesco, the heartless robot. 'Scuse me. Also, you're just jealous that I got cool games like that. JEALOUS, I SAY.
    Well, all I have to say is, I hope there's a lot of chubby 10 year-olds. It's a shame when something as cool as Aerodactyl is extinct, but that disgusting abomination lives.

    Pfft. If he was from Antarctica, he'd actually be cool. ...Ignore that. In his defense though, while I'm more southern, I've always been near the city. I'm nothin' but a city gal.

    VHS tapes were all we had back then. I don't think you'd throw out the only videos of your children as babies either, even if they were as old as dirt. :p

    Well, I guess I can forgive you for never having heard of Putt Putt, but damn. As a 90's kid, that was one of my favorite games ever. My childhood, condensed into 5 minutes.
    Well Profesco, I posted the article I mentioned a few days ago. Here's a link. (The article is in the spoiler.)

    I don't expect you to agree with my particular conclusion (and nobody can make you believe what I do). But I do have a request: Would you mind telling me if you personally find any of these explanations convincing?
    I think I'd still hate it, just because it's a friggin' living ice cream cone. ...Mmm, strawberry. :> Well, I would if I had a scanner. Or hey, if you want to see the MS Paint version, I wouldn't mind doing that. It would still be better than Gamefreak's.

    Yeah, well, you're just a lame-o. You and Kreis. Especially Kreis since I bet I'm more southern than him and he tries to use it as a crutch. Nyeh.

    The reason I've always been around computers is because of my dad. I guess I just got lucky. He's obsessed with technology. I still have VHS tapes of me as a baby, sitting on the computer and playing Putt Putt.
    But noooo. Besides, that would have been too good for that frozen mook. And that's what I was saying. Gear and its evolutions are just...Man. I could come up with something that looks better and believe me, I'm absolutely horrible at drawing. Just ask Jordan.

    Oh, and for the record, I take offense to what you said to Kreis. I've been on the computer ever since I was 4 and I'm not a spoiled brat, thank you very much. :[
    I don't know though. Every artist on DeviantART seems to think they're legs, but by the position of the limbs, I'm betting arms. Arms or legs, it's still a cool design.

    Well, I suppose you have a point there, but still. It's a mohawk. Don't rain on my parade. *sniff* Zuru was made for me.

    Amen. I have no idea how Gamefreak thought that was a good idea. Not to mention, Gear. Ugh. Its evolutions are only slightly more creative than a 4 year old could make. And I'm not even exaggerating.
    I think I was 14 or so when I was first introduced to a computer. Not going to lie. I'm not from the city, I'm southern that was raised in the most southern town you can think of.

    Most kids my age had or already knew how to use a computer.
    However, I would like to add, that my typing skills weren't the best.

    In addition to being new to the internet, I was also new with computers.

    Fun fact: My parents were super strict, so they never allowed us to have or use them until we were of an older age.
    Well, horrible stats or not, I still really love Kokoromori. It's gonna be on my team, even if it has to be HM slave'd. Cutest bat ever. But I wonder...Does it have arms or legs? Its sprite is kind of unclear on that.

    YES. The fact that it's wearing a hoodie only makes me love it more. That, and the mohawk, the saggy "pants"...It's a total G. Oh, and Dark/Fighting is awesome. <3

    Really? Wow. But if even I can find a few Pokemon to be great in a generation that also has that stupid living ice cream and a goth, I'm sure you can, too.
    Nonsense, coordinated colours work brilliantly!

    Oh my, I really need to read up on some of these things. That's awesome. Wasn't there a Fighting-type move that will always Crit? That move says lol to the Battle Tower Registeel and Lucario, if you're familiar with them.

    Also, when do you go on Msn? It'd be nice to talk on there occasionally too.
    I've known grammar and punctuation, I think. The problem was that I didn't have proper forum/Internet etiquette. As a matter of fact, it was Savannah who told me to start being more proper, and shortly afterwards I started bettering myself.
    Thanks, Profesco. It means a lot. Being on the forum since 2002, it feels like the end of an era. Good luck to you too! :)
    SPPf Help & Newbie Lounge. When I went to welcome her there was just something about her that made me want to be friends. It’s hard to explain, but something just made me want to be friends with her, now I know it was fate. An Atheist believing in fate should stand for something big.

    It gets hard at times, but you’ll have friends and family there to support you along the way. It isn’t like what you see on TV and such where your done with school and such and need to get out on your own and end up knowing nothing. You’ll get it bit by bit, and you’re an intelligent person so it shouldn’t be that hard to come by. If worst comes to worst you can be my roommate.

    I meant the game you were playing at the moment, but I like hearing about BW plans, too. My team for it will be: Daikenki, Zeburaika, Kokoromori, Zuruzukin, Desukan, and Mebukijika.

    By the way, I think Zuruzukin is my favorite Pokemon ever. I'm sorry, Murkrow. You had a good run. *pats its back* ...Actually, I can't choose. I'm having two favorites. :<

    Speaking of that, which are your favorite 5th gen Pokemon?
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