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  • Soooo, while I was heading off to one of my lectures today, I slipped. Here's the story:

    I, being a polite gentleman, was opening doors for fellow students. Currently, there's rainstorms going in North Carolina, and so the floors were extremely wet. Anyway, after the last group of people went in, so did I. And so then I met a puddle of water that wouldn't let me go through, and I ended up slipping on it. Basically, my legs split in a way no man's leg should split. I think I did what most cheerleaders do on a daily basis. I'm extremely sore. The good thing is that I managed to get up with some dignity. After I made the split, somehow I managed to get up using only my legs with support. I felt like a gymnast. I sore gymnast. Afterwards, I limped up the stairs to my next class. I completely forgot about the elevator near the stairs.
    Oh, I can imagine. Perhaps I can interest you in some bright pink fluffy earmuffs?

    Ahh, that one. All I can say is LolBPSmeargle.
    I'm up to right before the galactic bomb in Sinnoh for Pokemon Special.

    But for manga that I read that is better than Naruto there is One Piece, Bakuman, Beelzebub, Berserk, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gintama, and Death Note to start.
    Well there are countless better manga to read. I can't even take Naruto seriously for the most part anymore.
    The world could use more good, wise men like you.
    OW LAWD Pokemon debates in misc...I quiver at the thought.

    Blew out all the 60-watt bulbs we had. =(
    No fear! The electric flying light up lamprey is here!
    I still say the final Naruto/Sasuke fight ends in a hug.

    Well the whole arc was bad. Plus Naruto hasn't even noticed Hinata after she literally died confessing her love for him.

    Toei is known for getting the most money as possible.
    Yeah, but it was ramped up to 11 later on. And the whole Pein/Nagato invasion arc being horrible in every possible way.

    Toei likes to do that.
    It turned into a good shonen into a yaoi manga basically. That and all the themes being ruined, and bad storytelling on top of it.

    You have to allow room to draw and animate the episode.
    Well Naruto just became disappointing part 2, when everything went downhill.

    And it's just because the anime has to slow itself down and pad out to keep from catching up to the manga.
    You will always be my babydoll

    Fine, I will give that name to some other Latino in my life. Because that is really just too perfect to be unused. My roommate is Latina, come to think of it, but Latin Mare doesn't have the same ring to it
    Well there's just so much better out there. And it's a Shonen Jump anime with an ongoing manga, of course it's slow.
    Well it's not my fault you posed for "Hot Blooded Latino Stallions." Imagine how I felt when I recieved their 2010 calendar and saw you posing for October. And with that pumpkin? Even I had to blush
    Thanks. We agreed today that we’d just say we’re both lucky. Thanks, but I don’t think I’ll get hurt. I’ve always been the one to end a relationship and I don’t see this one ending anytime soon and see feels the same so looks like it will be a okay.

    You have already proven yourself to be an adult. I remember one time you were saying how you took your mom to the hospital, and still made it back in time to get your sisters ready for school. That right there showed how much you can handle stuff, now you are going back to school to expand your learning once again proving you want to have more options in life for when the times comes.

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