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  • I mean if you're spending money on it it's a bad idea. I never got why people spend money in those games in the first place.
    Auranin (sometimes spell aura-nin) is a three way pun of anura (frogs), aura (like psychic), and nin for Nintendo. Auraninja was chosen in celebration of Greninja.
    I got my first points infraction, but ever since 5 years have gone by, I can deal with it now.

    Basically, I responded to spam made by a sociopath.

    I guess we become more mature as time goes by, especially if we realized we were immature.
    It's free, but you can pay for more in game money. It's a model that works well apparently.
    Yes Friends is full of lies! My friends all live with multiple roommates in less than gorgeous places (my boyfriend and his friend live in a place we've nicknamed Hades for self evident reasons.)

    I bet you are the best at counseling. I would totally hire you.
    Definitely frame them! There were some other great ones with the same theme too; if I had more money I would have gotten every single one. I got some other really great art also, including a picture someone did of She-Hulk wearing a business suit holding up a g string saying "So. Not. Happening." which was basically a commentary on how ridiculously oversexualized most of the art of female heroes people were selling was. You know how I have a weakness for all things feminist.

    I actually grew up in NH, though I've lived in Mass for a while, just not Boston. I have good friends who live in the city though and it is SO EXPENSIVE. It is ridiculous. And have you settled on a career yet? I'm thinking scholar for you. Maybe a professor of Anthropology or something, who wears tweed suits and enjoys teaching lecture courses.
    I bought some awesome Pokemon art at Boston Comic Con, and you must see it! It's basically Pokemon in a traditional Japanese art style.

    When I was in college, I totally thought I could someday move to NYC and lead a super cool lifestyle. I now realize that the city is mostly enjoyable for investment bankers and trust fund baby artists :( Even Boston has ended up being too expensive for me; suburbs all the way.

    Yes I am excited! I really do love Special Ed. I've been working as an aide, and I love it and (perhaps even more important) I'm good at it and have gotten some great references. I've also experienced things I never thought I would, like a disabled 12 year old making me cry at work (to my credit, it's cause he pulled my hair REALLY ridiculously hard. You have no idea how much that hurts until you've lived it.)
    I can't believe I am actually posting such a gallery; my dignity has vanished

    My boyfriend and I are going with some friends of ours, but our original plan was to go to New York Comic Con. That turned out to be way too expensive for us all though cause we're young and perpetually broke. I'm almost done with my Special Ed certification though (less than a year to go,) so soon enough I'll be making like 35-40K a year. That sounds totally insubstantial but it's like double my current salary so I will feel so rich.
    She was, but she is a tragic victim of plastic surgery. For some reason it seems to appeal primarily to the already gorgeous.

    You too! I'm going to be at Boston Comic-Con this weekend, so you should come to. There will be loads of Pokemon cosplayers at the very least; when I was at PAX East in April there were some great ones. My favorite was a really well done Team Flare who did the pose for me and everything.
    It's no problem. It can be kind of confusing due to all the various factions and bystanders involved. And who is allied or dislike who can be based on any numbers of factors. And well it's not like they teach you about it in school.
    Well, I'm (finally) here to say that I think this may be the most interesting religious argument against anthropogenic global warming that you have yet shown me! I suspect you will also find my response to it to be the most interesting yet. This may sound disappointing, but in order to prepare you for my response, I would like you to read the biblical book of Esther. It's only 10 chapters, which I was able to read through in less than an hour. You don't have to use the link I provided (or anything digital at all!), but if you do I suggest reading it on a mobile device and clicking "Hide Note #s" since, as good as the notes are, they can distract from the narrative in this ancient work of irony. This adds to the irony, but I assure you that though it has nothing to do with climate, it is relevant to that link.

    Also, I haven't gotten the job yet, but last I checked the posting was still up. It'd be my first "workplace" job that pays money. (I've had a volunteer job that was in an office, and I've done math tutoring on an informal, person-to-person basis, so I've never had a job that was both at the same time.)

    The Charlie Brown thing will have to wait until next VM, but who does know how old they are?

    Now, it would be too quick to jump to conclusions, and too broad-brush-strokes of me to say Patheos is the gang. But you are definitely the friend! While I appreciate the idea that atheists may need to understand the depth of theological arguments (and would certainly suggest that any number of non-theists have just plain missed this or that point), believe it or not, I'd say that theists need to really understand non-theist objections. I have noticed that at times, the best argument against a non-theist argument is...another non-theist argument. But I'll have to wait to give you more info on both sides of that, and info about Patheos and textual criticism, until I send you a PM (hopefully shortly.
    Neuroscience is so cool though! Part of me wants to explore the subject for my undergrad years, perhaps under my psych minor if I pursue it. However, I'm worried that, because neuroscience isn't known for being easy, it could potentially lower my GPA, which is not something I like to see as a pre-med. Also, about the thoracic nerve, it runs through the serratus anterior muscle, which is right on your side. So an example of that injury would be if you get in a knife fight and someone stabs you on your side. It's not a difficult nerve to damage because it's not very deep in your body, i.e. it's almost right under your skin. Therefore, just to recap, side injury --> thoracic nerve injury --> inability to raise arm over shoulder.
    Our TA decided to only work on the upper limbs and chest since that's the most complicated area of the body. So each week we'd look for different things---one week the scapular muscles, the other week the brachial plexus, etc.--and we'd focus primarily on the muscles, where they attach, and what nerves innervate them. Before the labs, we'd be in a classroom environment to talk about what we're learning and how it applies to healthcare (e.g. you can diagnose someone with a damaged thoracic nerve if they can't raise their arm over their shoulder). That's really cool that you've had a similar opportunity. Are you also a pre-med or was it something else?

    Oh, that's a major typo I did before. I never got banned. I meant to say "infracted". INFRACTED. Dagnabbit! This is why I shouldn't talk to people late at night...
    I saw your post where you referenced mattj. What happened to him? His profile is completely blank. At least it's better than this Zelda Universe forums profile. Look at that name change.
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