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  • Haha okay not more flattering. I personally find it distasteful when people kiss up to mods or well-known members of the forums, and it wasn't my intention to do that. Wow, I can't believe you remember me being a pre-med. I actually just finished my program where I learned so much about the healthcare world, and I even got to dissect human cadavers! It was an incredible opportunity.

    I doubt she hates me but she was ticked off enough to ban me (not that I'm complaining since I guess I deserved it). I'll admit I'm not sure if I was the most "intellectual" arguer this morning. More like "everything all of you are saying is bothering me and I'm going to respond to all of them with an attitude".

    Anyway, I'll try to see you outside of your reputation. I mean, I'm sure there are things about you I wouldn't be fond of, and vice-versa, but my opinion still stands that you're pretty cool.
    Honestly, I didn't expect you to be so cultural. Based on the way you write, I had assumed that you've immersed yourself in so called "white" culture. I was kind of testing my theory just now by mentioning Premios Juventud. It's really no big deal, though. I hardly speak Spanish, myself, and I don't have much connection to my culture other than eating my mother's cooking and listening to the music at family gatherings. No deflation on my part :p

    I do agree with you about what the lack of flaming says about those people. I wouldn't want my friends to be such easy flame bait, either. I think it's cool that we have things in common, too. I would never expect that since you're Profesco, this guy who practically everyone in the forum except for the newest members know about with an overall great reputation, compared to some member that's not known for much except a history of participating in the games section and recently pissing off a certain mod :p

    And they're humorous because it's more than just saying "closing this thread bcuz its run its course." Your wordplay and witticism, combined with your delivery, make them entertaining to read.
    I am American bred, born and raised in the beautiful New Jersey. I went to Santiago once for a few weeks to visit family and I've been to Punta Cana twice. I haven't been to Puerto Rico for some 13-14 years.

    Actually, I was expecting/hoping for actual flaming (not involving you, but more like a team of pro-you versus con-you hashing it out with exclamations points and all caps). I know you didn't know who I was until a week ago since I've barely made a dent in the forums but I've seen some of your posts and I've found your closings quite humorous.

    Meanwhile, my mom predictably gets overly excited for Premios Juventud :p
    No kidding! I'm Dominican, too! And I'm also part Puerto Rican.

    I think part of my reason for reading it was because I wanted to see what people were saying about you, and I was kinda anticipating a bash war because I have a guilty pleasure for those. But no worries. I nixed the link in place of a phony. And I'm content that you're content.
    As a fellow Hispanic, I'm always happy to find people of my ethnicity in these forums (see Psynergy). What's your other race?

    And I hope you don't mind that I've read through that entire thread (not like I have anything better to do). I know you're talking about Ethan, by the way, whom I've already seen other, older members mention as a former mod who had a disagreement of sorts with other mods and got perma-banned. Anyway, based on what I've read, and our short history of VMs, you seem like a really cool guy. It's a shame you're not a mod anymore since IMO it would boost the staff's quality, but I'm sure there are sensible reasons for your demotion/retirement which are none of my business. Thanks for your nod :)
    @Zazie and flamebeam: An approving nod to your diagnostic efforts.
    Thanks for that. Though I have to ask: are you referring to criticizing thread-bashing or subtly pointing out a history of bulling in GCT?

    P.S. I googled "profesco serebiiforums" because I was too lazy to search for you and I ran into something. What the frack is this:


    and are you actually Hispanic?
    Ah, now I feel a bit bad. If you want to use it for anything, let me know. You did put in the time toward catching kind of a holy grail.
    Here's your Thundurus putting in some work in my first match of the season: JNHW-WWWW-WWW8-YSSA. Meowstic reduced to Struggle is a beautiful thing.

    I ended up going from Thunder/Rain Dance to Nasty Plot/Thunderbolt/Hidden Power/Taunt because -- did you know this? -- it has Hidden Power Ice. Holy god, that's useful.

    Rain also ended up being less important than expected, and it needed another attacking move. I've dropped Durant for the time being; wasn't as useful as I expected. It did net me some wins (finished in the 1600s last season but probably could have been higher) but sticking them with Truant Pokemon also meant I had a Truant Pokemon on the field, and trying to stick them with a second one could be a multi-turn guessing game. Overall it's just been much more comfortable to have at least one attacker out from the first turn.

    What I replaced it with is fun, though: Lv. 1 Aron with Endeavor and Shell Bell. I don't normally bring it, but if Klefki isn't going to be much use (say a heavily ground team), I will. It can let Cloyster pop things off with Ice Shard or, more often, just give me extra turns to set up with Shell Smash since the opponent freaks out about Aron being around and is likely to go for Leech Seed, Will-o-Wisp, etc., which Cloyster laughs off with Lum Berry. Even when I don't bring it, seeing it in team preview usually means they'll bring a Leech Seeder/Sleep/Burner in their first three Pokemon, which also net free turns for Shell Smash, Substitute or screens.
    Haha you're welcome. Not really sure what to say though. I mean, I get tongue in cheek, but you took it to a level that made me feel dumber than rocks. But then I re-skimmed through it and it made sense but your delivery was very...unique, I guess. Now, I wouldn't guarantee that you're a great storyteller, but you definitely have a way with words, and that's what I meant to say.
    Huh. How do we make my third one show up? Try trading again?

    I'll jump online now if you want a Shellder. And I'll take whatever; I just asked for Eevee because I'll be going for an Umbreon soon. But anything you've been breeding recently is A-OK.
    God only knows with that Rain Dance. I think I was like, "Flareon?! Better Rain Dance that huge threat!", which obviously was very far from anything I should've been doing.

    I have an Adamant Skill Link female Shellder with everything but Defense, by the way (actually, three of them somehow). You want one? I'd be happy to trade it for any other breeding stock you have. An Eevee would be super great right now, but I'm not picky; I'd take anything you have that's sitting around with 4 or 5 IVs.

    Also, I have beaten the Elite Four. What's in my Friend Safari? I don't even know. I haven't gone in yours yet; I just saw it was Psychic.
    I love it when I pick out movies on Netflix and they turn out to be like the total opposite of what's advertised. I'll never forget watching Blue Valentine cause I was in the mood for something sappy and it's in the romance section. Permanent emotional trauma.
    Honestly, I haven't had to use him too much. He seems to help more than hurt. I really botched it against an Eevee Friendly team a few days back by basically handing Jolteon and Vaporeon a Raindance. And of course I couldn't hit the Jolteon with him at all. I won that only by the clutchest of clutch predictions with Cloyster. That was also the one where I decided I needed to go rebreed, because I think I could have ended it three or more turns earlier with slightly higher Attack.

    But, yeah, I'm getting the hang of the team and am doing well with it now.
    Back in the Top 20 for U.S. Rotations.

    Rebreeding Cloyster before continuing as it didn't have full Attack IVs (it was from early in my Gen V breeding when I was less patient), which has led to a few close calls by leaving slivers of HP when it otherwise might have KO'd.
    No problem. Politics is a two pronged subject though. You'll learn to understand its importance and scope in the world yet grow to hate it over time. It's one of those things that is truly fascinating yet can be extremely frustrating.
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