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  • Awwww, thank you ^_^. I always seem to lose to my friend and his Mismagius; but then, I beat my other friend almost singlehandedly with my Gardevoir the other day, so who knows?

    Good luck in your quest for money and summer enjoyment! What sort of job do you think you'd most enjoy? I'm hoping to become a teacher, when all is said and done. Not that I don't enjoy working as a cashier, of course xD. Tutoring sounds like great experience, actually; you could definitely find a job that entails working with people, if you put that on the resume. In fact, I forsee you becoming quite wealthy in the future. :)

    What sorts of places do you like to go on vacations? I really enjoyed the mountains in Tennessee, when I went. Sounds as though you've some interesting plans for the next summer, and I'd love to hear all about them :D.

    Haha, I'm not especially motivated either! Enough to keep going, anyway, but not enough for this diet thing. :p Do you go to any anime conventions?
    Hey sir *tips hat* Long time, eh?


    Anyway, I need/want permission for a thread I'm planning. It's another claim thread, though this time a Sports Team claim........
    No, you may not. I shall be referred to as Kreis. The courteous thing to do now is to tell me your name. :>
    Yeah, I have a Rotom on my main team. It sucks that you can't use the forms in the Battle area though.
    Fine, it seems that my scare tactics are not working, so I might as well get to know you.

    My real name is Kreis. >:[
    I had a Rotom, Dragonair, and Grotle, he had a Vileplume, Flareon, and Quagsire. Vileplume took out Rotom, Dragonair then took out Vileplume and Flareon, then Grotle took out Quagsire.
    Hey Profesco, how are you doing?

    Currently in F-Zero GX I have 10 character videos left to unlock?

    To know the game a little bit better, would you like me to send a PM with very short (a few words) summaries about each racer?
    I'm a murderer. There. You now know the truth if my enigmious(Making new words is a hobby of mine) ways.
    Kinda, it was my second try at him, but this time I got a good matchup, unlike last time.
    Wait, maybe it wasn't the hall, it way the one where you rent 3 pokemon.
    I got two Silver Prints today! I decided to share my random pokemon news with you.
    The pipmply, green trolls, not the forum trolls.

    I store my ham in Misc, were else?


    I know his [Babylon's] ambitions because they are the same as mine: to one day rule the world.
    Ah, and I thought me and Hillary Clinton were the only ones with this goal.

    Good luck, and may the best (wo)man win.

    (PS, Yes I know I quoted an old thread, I lurk a lot)
    I a ranch full of these little beauties in the bottom of the Marianas. Could sell one to you if you have a tall enough tank (~5-10 km in altitude).
    Only?! Woah...you're up late, or early...depends how you interpretate it. XD

    Yeah it's pretty fun. Basically all you do is draw technical stuff, we were designing and making Boardgames for our GCSE coursework, my game was themed around cars(i liek carz). However, this will be my last lesson because my Graphics final exam is on Tuesday. But I'm taking it for A-level aswell. :)
    Yeah, I've gotta go to School at 8:30...T_T First lesson's Graphic Products though, so it's not that bad. :D

    And you're welcome. ^_^ So, how are you?
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