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  • Pretty much... =\

    Now I finally remember the term of my cornea issue, the ophthalmologists call it 'keratoconus'. With that issue, my third eye surgery will hopefully fix up the 'keratoconus' problem as well as a cataract. If not...something like this could only mean one thing - an eye transplant (I doubt this part will happen anyway).
    Its ok I understand. :) Btw you can call my Tort if you want lol.

    I've been good as well. I got out of school so no more pressure and stress from that for a few months! ^_^
    Mostly, I just thought that specific quiz was extra hilarious and that everyone needed to see it once in their lives.
    Wait. I do respect your dedication to actually making Misc legitimate. I was unaware as to whether or not the climate had changed since the last time I posted here.
    Man, your sig is disappointing. I click the link expecting some hot porn or something, and instead I get directed to HERE.
    Haha, ouch. Not even a little. I wasn't aware that Misc was for serious things now. I was kind of hopping that it would be just Josh on duty...
    On second thought...I just got back from my eye doctor, and he told me that the cataract surgery has been postponed...the thing is that I have cornea issues, which prevents the doctor from determining the size of the artificial lens that will be implemented to my eye. I can't remember the term, since it's kinda long, but because of this, I have to see another doctor who happens to be a cornea specialist and is capable of handling cataract surgeries.

    If I can remember the term, I'll edit this message...but as for the date...it's somewhere around two weeks from now. Now all I can do, really, is sit back and relax until that time comes...
    Thank god I surpassed this whole ordeal. This isn't the end of my surgeries, but I'll never know when another surgery will occur...

    Yes, indeed...almost a whole year...this is one hell of a tale to talk about to my friends and family, of course... :)

    Well, I might've said this before, this operation should last about 30 minutes, a little shorter than the second surgery, and a lot shorter compared to the first. I suppose I'll say that I'll thank every one of you in SPPF that supported me since last year...don't know how I'll ever repay that, to be honest, but... =\

    I'll take a couple more pictures of my post-op after my surgery, but it would most likely take place at night...since it's really the best time to do so. I do remember I'm not the first to post surgery/hospital-related photos (I can't exactly remember who did), but I know I'm the first to ever post post-op eye photos. The only other person here in SPPF I could think of that went through this whole ordeal is latiaswindblast (except...she succumbed to it at 11 years old, I think...or 14).

    Well Profesco, I did it! I beat every single Chapter on every difficulty! All of the characters are mine!

    I should show you how Chapter 7 ends; it's really awesome.
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