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  • Like I said, I specialize in stating the obvious XD That is the center of my 'powers'. Ssh << >>

    Oh eek XD I don't like this image, lol! Can't we just give them hula skirts instead? =P Oh and, yes. At camp, we always danced the YMCA at least one night every week XD

    Click the link, you must. I swear, I've never laughed so hard about Pokémon XD
    Good, good. Bend to my will. >D Well, unless there's a large object which you'd have to stop for. There's a line between insane and death.

    Exactly the point. ^_^ I could've said "Who aren't I doing", but that would've been a lie.
    I don't use belts unless they can be used as whips aswell. Yes you are :)

    I said sometimes and it was only this guy in New York that annoyed me. It was most probabally his personality.
    But how is declaring myself average, if all my statements are true, a contradiction? X3

    Golem as an Indian, eh? Hmm, that makes for a very peculiar mental image, not gonna lie @_@ Oh and there's the YMCA, which is ridiculously fun~

    It's quite alright, though as nice as it is ^^ Nothing wrong with being a bit withdrawn, I daresay.

    Haha, that's a good ida =D Just, uh, not the version sang by that one kid on this year's American Idol ¬¬;
    You're just a killjoy, that's what you are. D< And don't forget "give way" and "stop" signs... *sigh*

    I think the real question there is "What aren't I doing?"
    Busy, busy, busy.

    Everyonce in a while I'll procrastinate and feel like popping in here though. Mostly to express my displeasure with fat people I suppose.
    Well... You wait, you'll see it... Not fake hug damnit! D< Ah, but who needs road signs? That's no fun.

    ...and why do you think I'm letting her "seduce me with coldhearted calculation" over "innocent and naive"?
    I can't help but offer myself to hot guys like you :)

    Yeah like Americans can get on my nerves sometimes.
    It's right there, at the end. *points* Jeez, what are you. Blind? yesIknowyouhaveglasses

    But devil woman = win, so what's wrong with that? First you call Molly a scarlet woman, now this?!
    Yes she did, and it was also partly of my own free will since you made fun of our hug. ;__; I SAW IT PROFESCO, I SAW IT.

    It's epic, that's what it is. In both senses of the word. XD Bothersome? You mean me or her?
    Good then you know what I like :) Yes I am and I'll settle down if you calm down with me ;)

    Yes I don't and no I don't but I still hate it.
    I meant as in anal dofis :)

    I went on a spanish exchange thing an the guy I was saying with was hot but his accent just ****** me off so much.
    I don't push forward unless your in front ;)

    Awsome. Yeah I am not a fan of it but It's from my Mothers side of the family.
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