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  • Yes. I can't help winking to hot guys ;) They are staring just fine thanks.

    :( I import from America, suckish UK. But no not from Japan.
    Hehe, see that you do. All of my statements are true, remember? ^^

    You know, that makes me think of that group, "The Village People". Macho macho man~ XD

    Haha, you know what I mean, dear boy ^^ Oh, why yes. I'd like to have a deep sleep, as I haven't had many recently.
    Me? Nah... just your average gal X3

    Wow, 480 extras are definitely enough ^^ Double that, between our sets of games, and we have ourselves a village!

    Well, of course you know that your mom has a lovely son, at any rate ^_^ And my, how lovely. I can sleep easy tonight, it would seem.
    Hey Profesco, take a look at the IVs my Regigigas has.

    Nature: Docile (Okay, maybe not the best nature.)
    HP-12 (Little shy of average)
    Sp. Att- 26
    Sp. Def- 25
    Speed- 28

    Pretty good, eh?

    Anyway, what me to PM you a random story I wrote in 11th grade?
    Now that I think about it, yes, I do shop there pretty often... and almost all that artist garb came from that store, as a matter of fact XD

    Me? Nah. I've only got maybe 10 or so shinies... it's quite a leap from 493, you know.

    Aww, why thank you =^^= I maybe shouldn't have said that, but yes, it's true XP
    I honestly don't really know. I'd tell you, even though I'm not a fan of Naruto and all. But I really don't have much info on anything Naruto related anymore.
    Haha, you would be fairly correct, my good sir. There's a fair range of clothes to be found there ^^ Haha, that would be pretty neat, except that I wouldn't really be able to pass as a guy x_x;

    Heh, I seem to be in the ownership of some strikingly mafia-esque Pokémon, yeah? X3

    Gosh, she is ^^ She's a great mommy, that's for sure 8D Ehe, not particularly. If I initially reject a suggestion, give me about an hour, suggest the same thing again, and I'll probably agree with it XD Unless of course, the suggestion is something ridiculously bad, like burning down a house or something.
    I don't even want to know what that means... >_>;
    Neither do I lol. I was just screwing with him.
    Yeah, good point.

    Okay then. Enjoy your necessary Gliscor.

    Much like having your brain filled with Palkia's power? Dialga's is ten times better though. Don't get me started on Giratina. =3
    I can't write poetry worth crap, so never.

    The Houndour incident was something that happened in 2005 that involved criminal behavior. Source.

    Oh okay. So we know why it's just...there. You could have signed as Profesco and lost the need for the Gliscor. What'd it feel like to be controlled by Mewtwo?
    lol, thanks XD This hat I got from a store called Urban Planet. It's a clothing store that sells stuff like skinny jeans and fedora hats XD

    Shiny Roserade, coooool! Heh, I don't really have any shiny thug-ish Pokémon... hmm, well, I have an Electivire and a Golem... and a Sneasel... I guess that could work... o_o

    Yep, she makes some good food 8D Haha, you should! It's not insanely difficult, really o_o Fairly easy prep, I suppose. And indeed, the power of suggestion is a force to be reckoned with :eek:
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