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  • I get to take psychology next year. Your so lucky. ^_^ What kind of biologist do you want to be?
    If your underlings were competent, they'd overthrow you. That's why I recommend Dubya.

    I living from Louisville, Ky, but am from Nigeria.
    Isn't depressing stupidity equal to humorous evil?

    I can't stand noobs at all. They just seem so...uneducated. Even yet, I have zero aptitude for teaching in general.
    Wow as in your clearly deranged plan for world domination. As emperor of the world, you clearly need to put Bush as the next person below you in power. He could concoct crazier plans and more bad programs.

    The noobs in General Pokemon Discussion are being pwned faster than you'll read this message. And the ones there are so weak, my finger muscles feel as if they're tickling my keyboard.
    Wow, Profesco *Places palm upon head*. Just wow.

    How are you fairing against the noobs of SPPf?
    Order your slaves to build a very difficult-to-construct building in Washington, then order them to move the entire building intact to Oslo. 0_0
    Ha, your plotting to take over the world, while I'm plotting to take down SPPf! Convienantly the world comes with. ;) I'm secretly mass producing Dattebayo clones. It will be like star wars but better!
    Why must you compare yourself to me? D: I'm worse than Dattebayo. :p

    Ah Profesco, humble as always. Show some pride! :D
    And the strategy thread really surprised me =D
    Hi Profesco! Adding you =D
    How are you doing?
    Thanks for the add <3. You're really smart, and, like, yeah. I like being friends with smart people. :3
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