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  • The part of your sig about the fifth-gen region is awesomely perceptive. I had no clue why they chose that name. I estimate a very high probability of that being correct.
    Professor-Layton, you're back! It is good to see--er, hear from you on the forums again!

    Well said! In the case of pronouns, Dawkins got it right. But...he's not right about too much else.
    While I was reading the perpetually incorrect atheist Richard Dawkins's (incorrect) book The Blind Watchmaker, I found a very interesting quote that I think you will like. To explain why he used only masculine pronouns in his book, he said,
    "I am distressed to find that some women friends (fortunately not as many) treat the use of the impersonal masculine pronoun as if it showed intention to exclude them. If there were any excluding to be done (happily there isn't) I think it would sooner be men, but when I once tentatively tried referring to my abstract reader as 'she', a feminist denounced me for patronizing condescension: I ought to say 'he-or-she', and 'his-or-her'. That is easy to do if you don't care about language, but then if you don't care about language you don't deserve readers of either sex."

    Hilarious, isn't it? I think you'll know why I thought of you when I read that. If you understand, please respond!
    Hey dude! Here's the Battle Video that I said you should see:
    I wish I could provide full narration for that match! Anyway, hopefully you'll have a chance to look it up on the Wi-Fi.
    Here is the link to the thread that has the badges I showed you.(link) I don't see a Weavile one, so you'll have to wait awhile. Make sure to read the first post. If you need help putting one in your sig, VM/PM me.
    Well it looks like I'm the first one to leave a Visitor Message. What?! You're not giving a prize to the first person to VM you? (Kidding, of course.)

    Anyway, it's cool that you're on these forums now! Let's rock this town!

    BTW, cool choice of favorite Pokemon! Weavile is one of my favorites as well!
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