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Professor Snape

(Leaving Serebii for a undetermined amount of time to focus on education.)

Give me one second. I need to sit here in contemplative silence as I try to think of something incredibly witty and sarcastic to put in here.

... Never mind. I got nothing!

Unlike my previous biographies on here, I’m going to actually get my serious top hat on for this. Yup. This is legit seriousness right here.

Name’s Ashley, but you can call me whatever your sweet mind pleases. I like to spontaneously spread love via train, awkwardness via plane, and randomness via knickerbockers. What are knickerbockers, you ask? I have no idea; the word is just fun to say. Don’t judge me. Yeah, I’m looking at you, person who isn’t naked. My eyes are now firmly placed upon your face. Your rather hot and attractive face. Hi.

Anyway, I’m a firm believer that everyone in the world is amazing and beautiful just for existing. Except people who are super evil. So if you’re a serial killer with no remorse or something, then I probably don’t love you as much as others. Hey, I got to draw the line somewhere, right? The rest of you peeps who AREN’T murderers get all of my love trains. All of them. *cue creepy stare*

My VMs had to get shut off because of paranoid/overprotective parents, so sorry about that. :(
I am actually rather shy, so if I don’t initiate a conversation with you then that’s the reason why. I would hate to make you feel like you’re being ignored.

Now let me tell you about my life in the form of a song.
Just kidding. I’ve kept you long enough.
Now go, my child. Go out into the world and save the llamas!

Credit to EeveeLover824 for the awesome profile picture. For the art used within it, credit goes to Umbles (for Snape) and Stevegoad (for the lily) on DeviantArt.

(© Chuck Norris)

Drawing, watching Doctor Who, playing video games, stalking people, and generally being a dork.
June 6
Under your bed.
Favourite Pokémon
Flailing about in random directions.



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