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Professor Stan Oak
Last Activity:
Dec 18, 2014
Jul 21, 2013
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Professor Stan Oak

Not Samuel, Stan.

Professor Stan Oak was last seen:
Dec 18, 2014
    1. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Same here.
      Oh I love her now :D
    2. Benny™
      I have to agree, I can see why some people don't like it. The worst thing about isn't even anything it does, it's its fanbase. There are fans who don't act like them but they're in the minority.
    3. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Lol, IKR? But according to Anime News Network (take them with a grain of salt)
      Atem is still here and that artwork was just made for them movie. I do like the new animation though.
      I think they just look a bit different like how Ash and co. look taller in XY due to its new animation stlye effects.

      Same here. I'm a little nervous about Alyson as Ally after hearing Bonnie,
      but her Bonnie has slightly gotten better IMO not by much mind you, but since as you said these guys
      are under different voice direction she could end up sounding decent. I mean heck 4Kids (now 4K Media)
      even made Sarah Natochenny sound good as Stephanie in 5D's.
    4. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      IKR? Lol.
      So did you hear about the Yu-Gi-Oh 20th Anniversary movie? Kaiba and Yugi are back.
      More details December 21.

      Also we have some cast names for the Arc V dub:
      Billy Bob Thompson (2 unidentified roles)
      Alyson Rosenfeld (Ayu/Ally (dub name))
      Michael Liscio Jr. (Yuya Sakaki)
      Tom Wayland (Yuzu's dad)
    5. Kuvario
      Yeah I did, the dub is also confirmed so this will be very good,
      I think the characters were fine for the most part since they kept their quirks and personality, heck they weren't too bad in DP aside from the dub since they had personality. But it's still good, a lot of people can take a while to find what they want in life. I think it's also a cliche in Japanese anime as well, will have to check later. And her development is starting to get even faster now that she has her goal.
      Yeah but clearly nothing was confirmed at all. Not for me, the pacing was too fast and we missed the chance for development episodes. Plus the lame wins Ash had were annoying, sure he had character but he had it in OI and won his badges fairly.
    6. Benny™
      I think it should do what's stated in the title of the video that I showed you. It's also sad that Azumanga Daioh, a slice of life, is better.
    7. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      IKR? Peanuts has done this before, just watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
      when Snoopy and Woodstock brawl because the latter doesn't want to change into the outfit
      Snoopy wants him to wear.
      Garfin, but yeah he does sound good.
    8. Kuvario
      Same here.
      But that doesn't mean he couldn't have tried at least. I guess he had a point there since I did like them more in AG. Yeah I like how different her development is. Mostly because it's easy to relate to, personally.
      But the PokeShipping was dub only and nonexistent in the original, her backstory with Gyarados lasted for a single episode and the sister thing, I'll give you that much, but even so just for one episode. In Johto, they had a good chance to give her things to do since the pacing of Kanto was too short to allow any training. At least some episodes with Misty focus would've been nice, but that said, I still sorta like Misty.
    9. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      Been doing well. Hanging on the Forums, Watching and going to the Movie Theater
    10. Benny™
      Agreed, a recolor of BW would have been better. Neither am I, I just think his series' were better than the current one.
    11. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      I was just saying U weren't Gone for long this time
    12. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      Hey again :) Good to know U are coming back everyso Often :)
    13. Benny™
      I heard about it, I'm as disgusted as you are. Desperate move there, writers.
    14. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Those were a lot of people's issues with the trailer, and they needed to lay off IMO,
      as you said the pop song wasn't that bad for once,
      and as for Snoopy and Woodstock, these guys really oughta watch the other specials
      and actually read the other strips. Those two did far worse than that to each other in those
      from time to time and anyone should see that this is played for laughs.


      Bill Melendez as Snoopy and Woodstock (archival recordings)

      Noah Schnapp as Charlie Brown

      Mar Mar as Franklin

      Francesca Capaldi as The Little-Red Haired Girl, and Frieda

      Alexander Garfin as Linus Van Pelt

      Hadley Miller as Lucy Van Pelt

      Rebecca Bloom as Marcie

      Mariel Sheets as Sally Brown

      Anastasia Bredikhina as Patty

      Venus Schultheis as Peppermint Patty

      AJ Tecce as Pig-Pen

      Noah Johnston as Schroeder

      William Wunsch as Shermy

      Madisyn Shipman as Violet

      This is what Alexander Garfin sounds like as Linus:

      Design of the Little Red-Haired Girl:
    15. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Hey there how have you been?
    16. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      Good to have U back :)
    17. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      1st Official Trailer for The Peanuts Movie (by Schulz)

      Also released from USA Today from Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox was new concept art for The Peanuts Movie (by Schulz):

      [IMG] [/spoil]
    18. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      One year from today, Blue Sky Studios' The Peanuts Movie (by Schulz) will be released to theaters:

    19. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00005V1VR?ie=UTF8&at=&force-full-site=1&ref_=aw_bottom_links
      About 15 bucks on there. Not too bad IMO. could be worse.
      Yeah, it is pretty much like tha, just rujs slow due to not being able to skip scenes, but that wasn't a problem with me
      In the game, you either play as Charlie Brown or Lucy.
      Me either. I saw a walkthrough of it on YouTube. TBH, he only thing that was bad was Pajama Sam's new voice actor,
      but she got better as the game progressed, but Pamela Adlon was better.
    20. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      For the past few Episodes he had been fine I think due to lack of Screentime, but now he WAS BACK TO *UCKING ATROCIOUS!
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nathan Price fan since 1998.
    Ted Lewis and Stan Hart are good too.

    My Pokemon Headcanons:
    Ash's middle name is Veronica. As a small child, he would say "I'm Ash Veronica Ketchum of Pallet Town!", but Gary one day embarrassed him about it, and since then, he leaves out his middle name. A few days later, he found out Gary's middle name (Cathcart) and thought of "degrading" nicknames for it without success. After a week, he finally came up with Crapcart, and now Gary is also ashamed of his middle name.
    Jessie and James sometimes think of renaming Meowth. The most common name that pops up is Nathan, though Matt/Matthew, Adam, Maddie, Jimmy, Billy, and a few more have also come up before.
    James has gotten his last name changed so many times that no one else knows what his current one is. Same with various Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys, just with their first names.
    Sometime after Johto, JJM lost some brain cells after Pikachu shocked them one too many times. This finally got treated in BW, but it seems to be only temporary.
    Lisa is quite a common name in the Pokemon world.
    Dawn (game) is quite a charmer who uses her looks to get discounts on items, Pokemon that are handed to you in-game (for example, the Riolu egg), information on certain things (usually in-game happenings, Pokemon locations, towns/cities that she hasn't yet seen, and the like).