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Professor Stan Oak
Last Activity:
Dec 18, 2014
Jul 21, 2013
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Professor Stan Oak

Not Samuel, Stan.

Professor Stan Oak was last seen:
Dec 18, 2014
    1. Han Solo Fan
      Han Solo Fan
      I think what I loved about the way he portrayed the show is how humble he made it: like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCof1LiSalE, for example.


      Best for me: Rachael Lillis
      Worst for me: Michele Knotz (BW116)
    2. Han Solo Fan
      Han Solo Fan
      Same here: he had his flaws, but I think he made the show really family-oriented.

      Sarah was also awful in late BF.

      How about Brock?

      Best for me: Eric Stuart
      Worst for me: Bill Rogers (DP)
    3. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Yeah. This one is my favorite though xD :

      Yeah, but as Rerun said You'll never know..." and that is still true as not even the rest of the Schulz family were told if Rerun pulled it away or not.

      And then it still has the Little Red-Haired Girl, too... Dang, you might be right about that statement. I just hope that it is at least 1 hour and 30 minutes at least.
    4. Han Solo Fan
      Han Solo Fan
      It really is: I'm not either, but...yeah, this is crap.

      Yup, we sure do: who do you think is the worst English Ash and best English Ash?

      Best for me: Veronica Taylor
      Worst for me: Sarah Natochenny (DP + XY)
    5. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      Yes, I'd Agree to that.
    6. Kuvario
      That's the best case, worst case only one of them leave.
    7. Han Solo Fan
      Han Solo Fan
      Same: very disappointing stuff.

      I agree, but I think Eric Stuart's voice for him fit James the best: he struck the perfect balance between suave, debonair, goofy, and charming with James, while also bringing out his humanity in serious as well as comedic scenes, IMO. He also made James sound his age like Ted: something Carter doesn't do, of course.
      "Dig it" was when I just began to hate dub Meowth.
    8. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Eh, even though the specials are not canon to the strips according to Charles Schulz, I was fine with it, I still find that gag hilarious, and he does kick it
      in the special, It's Magic, Charlie Brown due to becoming invisible as a result of Snoopy's magic act going awry.

      In the strip though, there was one last strip that had the gag, but it was stopped when Lucy was called in for lunch. Rerun (Linus and Lucy's little brother) is told to hold the ball instead, we see Charlie Brown run towards the ball but in the next panel, we cut to Rerun coming in for lunch as well and Lucy asks him "So, did he kick it? Did you pull the ball away? What happened?" to which he replies with a simple "You'll never know..." and she screams "AAUGH!" and Schulz/Sparky never revealed if he pulled it away or let him kick it. xD

      Agreed. I get more excited about it every time there is new info on it.
      But with them including the entire or most of the gang... I can see where some of that 100 million dollars came from as Blue Sky had to animate every single one of them.

      I can see that, and not to mention judging by the trailer, they added his speech balloons that just contain bird scratches in them whenever he chrips.
    9. Han Solo Fan
      Han Solo Fan
      Plus we knew it was gonna be filler to start with.

      Ted Lewis had a good voice but I feel like the acting wasn't too emotive: Eric Stuart I found did it best, and Carter has done it the worst- he can't voice James at all.
      I can understand.

      Oh, I agree with that.
      True: we might've gotten better replacements.
    10. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Same here.

      Only a few minority due to its melancholy but that's another story. But aside from that, pretty much everybody. xD

      Cool. They also said aside from the Little Red-Haired Girl that this movie is supposed to have the "entire" cast of the Peanuts gang in it from "Pig-Pen to Peppermint Patty".

      Out of the 3 revealed so far, I like Snoopy, Woodstock and Charlie Brown's 3D designs. Charlie Brown's took a few seconds to get used to though, IMO but after that I liked his a lot.
    11. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      I Feel like the ONLY Roles Carter can DO RIGHT are Pokemon (NOT Meowth" Gary, and Dr. Namba.
    12. Kuvario
      I was thinking replacing Tom Wayland would be better seeing that having a decent script with bad voices would still be bad. But having a bad script with decent voices could be better, in my opinion.
    13. Han Solo Fan
      Han Solo Fan

      I can understand.
      I prefer Eric over Ted as James (that said, I'll take Ted over Carter), and Maddie over Nathan as Meowth (again, though, I'll take Nathan over Carter), but I agree Tate had the best PokeDex voice.

      It really is.

      I think Maddie was great, actually, but Carter is horrid.
      Glad Craig Blair is gone!
    14. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Here is its BGM that Beck did:

      ^ After hearing some of this, his style of music fits Peanuts well IMO.

      Yeah $100 million dollars. But due to its popularity and how many people are pumped for the film, I'm sure it's gonna make that at least, if not more at the box office.

      I am looking forward to the new trailer. I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of the Peanuts gang look like in the new art style. For some reason, one of the characters I wanna see in their 3D design is Linus.
    15. Han Solo Fan
      Han Solo Fan
      Exactly, and it wasn't the whole saga: just pointless filler to pad the way to the next saga.

      I prefer Eric over Carter as Butch thanks to his DP performance, and I think Rannells was the better Harley, but I can see your logic for those two as well.
      The only 4Kids voice I didn't like was Gary's (it got better and less nasally in Johto, though, which is where I began to like it), but guess who kept his voice in the TPCi dub? Ugh. -_-
      Same on favorite seasons.
      The Kanto dub is good past its first 10 eps or so, but I feel like the dub staff peaked in OI/Johto for some reason.

      How the mighty have fallen...

      I gotta admit I liked Eric Stuart as Brock and James a lot: his replacements make me cringe every time I listen to them- I don't know what it is, but they just sound like old men to me nowadays. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VheOayIM_c shows how awesome Eric was, IMO.
    16. Kuvario
      That works I suppose, it is a poor dub by any means with no signs of improving.
    17. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      Thank U! It means a lot.
    18. Han Solo Fan
      Han Solo Fan
      I like all of those episodes: I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like the Sinnoh or Kalos sagas, honestly- they're my least favorite parts of this show, hands down.

      I liked pretty much all the 4Kids voices over the TPCi ones, but I preferred their performances in Orange Islands and Johto the most (Kanto and OI are my favorite seasons, though).

      Carter's really lost it, hasn't he?

      Me either: it'd be a lot better than the current XY English cast is, at any rate- I still think Eric Stuart as Brock and Stuart Zagnit as Professor Oak are the best at those roles, though.
    19. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      Not so Great sadly :( had a Slight Fever yesterday so I Left School Early and had a TERRIBLE Headache today and left school early today too.
    20. Kuvario
      I wouldn't say so since there's still a lot of people complaining.
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nathan Price fan since 1998.
    Ted Lewis and Stan Hart are good too.

    My Pokemon Headcanons:
    Ash's middle name is Veronica. As a small child, he would say "I'm Ash Veronica Ketchum of Pallet Town!", but Gary one day embarrassed him about it, and since then, he leaves out his middle name. A few days later, he found out Gary's middle name (Cathcart) and thought of "degrading" nicknames for it without success. After a week, he finally came up with Crapcart, and now Gary is also ashamed of his middle name.
    Jessie and James sometimes think of renaming Meowth. The most common name that pops up is Nathan, though Matt/Matthew, Adam, Maddie, Jimmy, Billy, and a few more have also come up before.
    James has gotten his last name changed so many times that no one else knows what his current one is. Same with various Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys, just with their first names.
    Sometime after Johto, JJM lost some brain cells after Pikachu shocked them one too many times. This finally got treated in BW, but it seems to be only temporary.
    Lisa is quite a common name in the Pokemon world.
    Dawn (game) is quite a charmer who uses her looks to get discounts on items, Pokemon that are handed to you in-game (for example, the Riolu egg), information on certain things (usually in-game happenings, Pokemon locations, towns/cities that she hasn't yet seen, and the like).