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Professor Stan Oak
Last Activity:
Dec 18, 2014
Jul 21, 2013
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Professor Stan Oak

Not Samuel, Stan.

Professor Stan Oak was last seen:
Dec 18, 2014
    1. PokemonNation2000
    2. PokemonNation2000
      [Do you think there's any hope for the Anime, gal?]
    3. PokemonNation2000
      [That would have been fine, too. :smh:
      IKR, gal?
      Me too. Yeah, the Anime is just beyond redemption at this point, tbh-- only a miracle can save it now, writing wise.]
    4. PokemonNation2000
      [IKR? "Sheer annoyance personified!" = OOC for Prof. Oak much, TPCi? Idiots.
      Also, on re-watching it, turns out JCC has Delia pull a TPCi TR and we are introduced to her first ever OOC line from TPCi: "It will only be the best for such important guests!"
      It's sad when I DREAD Ash coming back to his OWN house in English now because I have to listen to those two: I used to LOVE these kinds of episodes so much, gal.]
    5. PokemonNation2000
      [IKR? When Prof. Oak said, "I'm looking forward to hearing ALL about your new Poke-ay-mon!" in BW142 English dubbed, that made me cringe SO much for some reason! Delia...just...wtf...Sarah Natochenny, really? Godawful voice, gal.
      No problem: it was very well written. :)]
    6. PokemonNation2000
      [IKR? Simply godawful, gal.
      You're welcome: Brock's jaw dropping open and TR bashing each other's voices made me rofl.]
    7. PokemonNation2000
      [Thanks, gal: also, check out BTVA and look at Professor Oak's VC comments-- I cried laughing at what the recent poster said about CC's take on Prof. Oak-- it's the one where he talks about a "South Park" parody rendition of the character.

      This is just too hilarious...I mean, I can't even begin to describe how funny this is.]
    8. PokemonNation2000
      [Well, other than Odex or that Malaysian Company that dubbed DBZ into English, but I agree lol.
      No problem: take your time, gal. :)]
    9. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      Anything New been happening? NOT Much New happening with Me LOL.
    10. PokemonNation2000
      [I really wouldn't mind The Origin's English staff dubbing the main Anime, gal: they could really help the dub recover, IMO.
      Oh, I see: I do agree with you.
      I can't wait to see it. :)]
    11. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      UHey, how's it going :)
    12. PokemonNation2000
      Yup, that's right! Gal, did TPCi even watch Episode #1 of their OWN franchise's Anime before writing that into Ash's English script during the late BF dub? Shows just how little these people knew about the Anime and its English dub, before taking over the dub: shameful, gal-- shameful.

      It DOES sound like Yoshi a bit...funny story, that's still Rica Matsumoto's voice for it, so the English dub kept her voice over for it in that WTP.
    13. Kuvario
      Nice. So did you like Ash's voice here? And everybody else's?
    14. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      Hey there Friend :)
    15. Kuvario
    16. Kuvario
      No problem. Nope, it's not. But the scripts are based off of 4Kids, so that wouldn't be too hard to adjust to.
    17. PokemonNation2000
      I personally think the worst line I've heard was, "At first, ya hated goin' inside your Polka-ball," but that comes close-- IKR, gal?
    18. PokemonNation2000
      After "Whoa, she's holdin' a Pokeball" came from DP English dub Ash, I can't doubt that TPCi can stoop to any new low, gal.

      Still, shameful.
    19. Kuvario
      I see then. The Hindi dub is great, Dwail said it's better than TPCi's. I'll get you a link to it when I can.
    20. Kuvario
      That's true. So, have you listened to the other dubs of the anime? Like German, Hindi, French?
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nathan Price fan since 1998.
    Ted Lewis and Stan Hart are good too.

    My Pokemon Headcanons:
    Ash's middle name is Veronica. As a small child, he would say "I'm Ash Veronica Ketchum of Pallet Town!", but Gary one day embarrassed him about it, and since then, he leaves out his middle name. A few days later, he found out Gary's middle name (Cathcart) and thought of "degrading" nicknames for it without success. After a week, he finally came up with Crapcart, and now Gary is also ashamed of his middle name.
    Jessie and James sometimes think of renaming Meowth. The most common name that pops up is Nathan, though Matt/Matthew, Adam, Maddie, Jimmy, Billy, and a few more have also come up before.
    James has gotten his last name changed so many times that no one else knows what his current one is. Same with various Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys, just with their first names.
    Sometime after Johto, JJM lost some brain cells after Pikachu shocked them one too many times. This finally got treated in BW, but it seems to be only temporary.
    Lisa is quite a common name in the Pokemon world.
    Dawn (game) is quite a charmer who uses her looks to get discounts on items, Pokemon that are handed to you in-game (for example, the Riolu egg), information on certain things (usually in-game happenings, Pokemon locations, towns/cities that she hasn't yet seen, and the like).