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  • I honestly just want the dub to change dub studios and casts again: The Origin's dub proved to me that the Pokemon dub can be rescued if TPCi puts it with people who know and care about what they're doing.

    If Sarah Natochenny and co. as well as DuArt remain, though, the dub will continue to forever be a shell and disgrace of its former self.
    I don't but it was also a great show too.
    If he quit when things didn't go his way instead of trying to make the best out of it,yeah I don't think so. His writing only appealed to me in M03, Mewtwo Returns, and maybe EP001-002. And yet he kept them on the show anyway. I'll give you that but this is all up to interpretation, I think Serena has more depth than Misty since she's actually thinking more about her goal in a natural way, not as an obsession.
    Disagree, she was overly bossy without anything to back it up, her Pokémon were useless, she contributed to nothing and barely got any character development in the whole series. At least Iris had a reason to be bossy and had actual things to back her up, like being a skilled battler and so on.
    If she did well in 5DS, then she could be above decent.
    But it's not, and even Takeshi Shudo intended it to be just that, but when it became actually popular in Johto, he left. None more so than Misty, the others have shown more depth.
    Both, I think Serena will become much better than Misty, and I honestly think Misty is pretty poor as a trainer and a character at times. Not that I hate her, I just don't prefer her to the others all that well.
    Hey again :) the latest DUB Episode for the Who's That Pokemon Segment was Meowth, and Carter Sounded EVEN WORSE THIS TIME THEN when he did it Last Season.
    Someone actually said they grew up with Odex dub Yu-Gi-Oh, but even they admitted it wasn't good compared to 4Kids' dub in terms of the voices and script, despite being more faithful to the Original-- your point holds true.

    I couldn't agree more, once again, on everything.
    He's right when he says complaining won't solve anything, but what else can we do? This is a company that doesn't care about anyone. Not just the company itself, but many of the actors that work on it. There's no way to communicate with most of them except Facebook, and there's no guarantee you'll get your friend request accepted, or even get to talk to them.
    I couldn't agree more with everything you said, really: it's all spot on, honestly.

    "I think everyone is used to the voices, but that doesn't make them good."

    ^EXACTLY, and just because we're used to them =/= good!^

    It's true, and SOVA is even worse nowadays...I mean, they literally just do nothing but exist...it's pointless...if you're not going to do anything at all to change things, then why exist, guys? Before they were too radical, but now they're too complacent...it's ridiculous.
    Sometimes Sarah is better than usual, but that's all.
    But honestly, it solves nothing if they don't listen, it's just wasting everyone's time and energy on something not that important. It's a kids show to advertise video games, not something actually important. She was already stale to me when she came in, like a generic tsundere with little depth.
    I'd rank them like: May = Iris = Dawn > Serena > Misty (Post-TS) >>>>>>>>>>>>> Misty (TS) > Bonnie
    Also, I think Sarah is not just not "great" myself as Ash, but she's just terrible at voicing him- I'm used to it, but a 10 year old boy sounding like a 25 year old woman smoking cigarettes flat-out doesn't match the character's age or gender: it's jarring for that very reason. If Ash aged and got older, or she made her voice much higher-pitched, however, I could deal with it, but since he's still 10, it doesn't work (like almost all TPCi voices for similar reasons).

    I do agree with DarkLucarioADV that James' voice is even more grating, though, and I can't tolerate him either: he sounds like a grandpa with a cold now in XY- it's just god-awful, like Bill Rogers as Brock is.
    The Origin's dub was equivalent to the 4Kids dub of the Anime's quality: if only TPCi hired the Los Angeles crew for the TPCi dub of the Anime- it would have been a very worthy successor to its predecessor, but what are we getting instead? A dub so incredibly low in quality that there are FANDUBS online with better Ash, James, Jessie, Meowth, etc. voices, scripts, and opening/ending themes than the TAJ + DuArt ones are. I mean, the dubbing is just so horrible now, objectively speaking- voices don't fit the ages of the characters at all and many sound too old, Jessie sounds too young, the script writing and episode titles are so toddler level it makes me wonder who hired that guy to write them, and the music is very poorly composed.

    I feel that DarkLucarioADV's right that any and all complaints have fallen on deaf ears and I think SOVA has not done crap myself to actually help anything, but I disagree in that we have every right to complain if we don't like how the dub has changed for legitimate reasons- it has dropped significantly in quality, and so much so, I've had to convert to the Original Japanese Version of the Anime- I get he's saying that there's nothing we can do and so there's no point in complaining, but if we complain, maybe the crew will try harder and take that criticism to improve themselves? Nah, who am I kidding, they haven't for 8 years now...

    Yeah, that goes for Brock, Misty, James, Meowth, Jessie...heck, pretty much all the 4Kids voices for me.
    Like I'm not too bothered with Sarah's voice acting too much except in early DP but I wouldn't say she's great, likewise I can't stand James's voice and that makes him worse.
    You think that just a few fans like around 100,000 or so will change anything? TPCi and TPCJ don't need to respond to fans cause they have a lot of money, a few fans boycotting them doesn't do a thing but waste time and energy.
    Out of those, I'd say Season 2 was the best of the Takeshi Shudo OS but Season 5 gets really good because of the much needed Misty focus, because barring Bonnie and sometimes Serena, she is honestly the weakest female in the series personally.
    Yeah. but like the Humongous games, you have an inventory of items you will need throughout the game to complete its goal.
    Just finished playing it myself last week. xD
    Ouch. Obviously the worst of the bunch, as for the main game series. Hard to describe, but IMO 1 was the worst one despite having a good plot, 2 is better but still meh, but then 3 and onward are MUCH better to me and PokemonNation2000.
    Cool. I have the same ranking too on favorites. No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside is decent. I loved and still love finding and collecting all of the socks. xD
    Life is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff is the low point of the games, but still isn't AS bad as people say it is.
    Not to me, I can look past voices for characters I like, but for the ones I don't like, yeah it doesn't help.
    Yeah but if they're not going to take action, WHY, just WHY waste time and energy complaining, I mean if you don't like it, don't watch it, simple as that tbh. To each their own, I'm fine with the direction of the anime right now.
    Yeah, it was pretty good. Plot is pretty much the title. You go on a wild goose chase trying to find Linus's Blanket which ended up going missing after
    hiding it with Charlie Brown for safe keeping while his Blanket Hating Grandmother comes to visit.
    Cool, I still am one to this day, a big Humongous Entertainment geek. xD
    I wish there were more game paths (where the game is different each time you play), in Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo but that along with Putt-Putt Enters the Race are my favorites from there.
    From Spy Fox, mine was Spy Fox 3: Operation O-Zone.
    Fom Freddi Fish, Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove and Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell.
    From Pajama Sam, mine was Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat from Your Head to your Feet.

    Those too. I also loved it when some of them played the opening theme to their self respective series before the game started.
    He killed Brock for me so I think he can be.
    I suppose it is, personally I don't pay attention to the dub since complaining isn't solving anything tbh. I mean if you don't like it why are you still complaining? It's pointless and is petty as heck IMO.
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