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  • DuArt is even worse than TAJ was at this point overall with the Pokemon dub: it's like with each studio change, the Pokemon English dub continues to get weaker and weaker (exception being whoever dubbed The Origin, as that was very well dubbed).

    My best would probably be Veronica Taylor in Movie 8, more or less.

    The dub is truly pathetic these days, enough said.

    My Worst Ash Voices in the English Dub:

    #1) "Gathering the Gang of Four" and "Gettin' Twiggy With It!" (Tie)
    #2) Most Late BF and DP Episodes
    #3) Most XY Episodes
    Same. The video game if there is one planned is probably the only thing that would acutely suck from all of this.

    Yeah, she looks okay, but yeah... not the biggest fan of this movie from what I have seen of it so far.
    As well as most of the XY fans as well, and I agree with you there...exactly- the sacrificing of 4 main characters' characterizations, just for battles being at their peak in quality in DP, was just not okay.

    I know, but it's just sad.

    Yeah, that's a perfect description of it, actually.
    Once again, agreed.
    Me too, but I guess I was giving Sarah in XY too much credit...it sounded oddly similar to her DP voice in this episode, which is my least favorite Ash voice in the dub along with his late BF voice (his XY voice is second worst after those two for me).
    Yeah. Same here. Maybe the video game if there is one, but it depends on the quality of the game.

    THANK YOU! *gives high five* Book of Life is VASTLY, VASTLY overrated. There is this person I check on Tumblr for news for another show I watch (Xiaolin Chronicles), but lately, all of her posts are Book of Life stuff... just like, give it a rest already! xD
    I personally agree with you, but most of the fandom will disagree with us, sadly: the charm of the show for me never lay in its battles or maturity (no, certainly not these two aspects of it- there are so many Anime that handle these in a much better manner, like DBZ, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and so many others)...it lay in its light-heartedness, goofiness, and emotion, but that's just me.

    Yeah, and it was one of the most awful dub episodes I have ever seen in this entire show's run: the freaking salesman who yelled, "Hey! You didn't pay for anything," that JJM robbed sounded better than anyone in the entire episode's dub.

    Is it just me, or did James sound like...Gary got a sore throat, crossed with Weevil's voice?
    Jessie sounded like an airheaded valley girl, as always.
    Meowth sounded like a cigarette smoking gangsta, as always.
    Ash sounded like a cigarette smoking man for once, but still not the right voice.
    Me either. So yeah, just those four items, and that is it, unless I really see something from the merchandise that sounds cool.

    Lol. Heck after its release, I am sure it will win something. The Oscars... Eh, I see it at least being nominated, but it will probably lose to either Disney/Pixar's The Good Dinosaur, or Disney/Pixar's Inside Out if they get nominated.
    Me either: for those of us who watched the Anime since the beginning...this is heartbreaking, not gonna lie.

    The dub is just bloody painful, though: not even funny how much better Veronica and company were than these guys are.
    It will be on Amazon so I will most likely get it there. So all in all, I will be buying the movie itself, the soundtrack, the graphic novel,
    and a "The Art of The Peanuts Movie" if they make such a book and will stop there. Listening in on a Iconix Brand Group conference who owns the License for Peanuts said that merchandise marketing and stuff will begin in Summer 2015.

    Agreed! The animators look like they are pulling out all of the stops here. I mean, first they choose a completely new style of 3D for the movie, and then all of this.

    Same here. With of course wanting to have some elbow room and make this bigger than any TV special, like what Sparky did when he expanded upon the comic strips with animated specials, Craig Schulz said despite that, the strive of the movie in the making of process is to be as close and genuine to his dad's work as possible.
    You mean the latter description, right? lol.

    Yeah, I feel your pain: I really do- I'm done with the dub for good unless something miraculous changes with it- I can't stand the low quality of the voice acting, script writing, and music anymore-- it's just too painful.

    Cool. Same here.
    I see. Either way, I am sure a lot of people are gonna see this too.
    Pretty much this.
    Also there is gonna be a Graphic Novel version from Kaboom! Studios. Pretty much meaning it will be a comic book version of the film, with the illustrations being in the same style to what the Peanuts gang will look like on the big screen.


    Same here, some people still hate it, but to each his own, I think it looks amazing and this is just concept art.
    I also like how detailed Charlie Brown and Lucy's clothing is, and I saw in another shot of the first one, that tiny white pupils are still seen in Charlie Brown's eyes just like in the teaser trailer in march.

    I also like what they did/are doing with Snoopy's World War I Flying Ace shtick as well. Either way, this movie looks like it will be great.
    Yeah, I miss how creative and funny the Anime used to be, but also heartfelt it was: it's too formulaic, pretty much lacking comedic sense, and lacking emotion with its main characters (as a whole) nowadays.


    Really, I kinda gave up on the dub in XY for good, unless 1) TW or JCC are fired and/or demoted to lower positions, or 2) another recast occurs, which I'm not opposed to if it occurs in the future: 4Kids' did a very good job with Pokemon's dub, despite their silly edits and errors, when compared to TAJ Productions' dub, or DuArt Film and Video's dub of it.
    But that's already happened so...there can't be something even worse unless they get Bill Rogers to be the voice director.
    Yup. Charlie Brown's reaction to this is priceless. But lol, Woodstock's football is way too tiny for him to kick. xD


    Yup. It had better have a DVD commentary too. xD
    I also hope to see it in theaters during its release, but with my sisters already deciding they don't want to as they don't like Peanuts, the chances of that are already a little tricky.
    But either way, I am gonna see this. I plan on buying the DVD, and its soundtrack if it has one.


    Peanuts will return to classic locations such as Charlie Brown's skating pond, his house and "the wall." But the settings will not be be updated to the present, continuing with the eternal look of the strip. Even the sign on Lucy's psychiatrist booth will still say five cents.

    "We won't see Charlie Brown whipping out an iPad," says Martino. "We're looking to create a timeless quality. That's what they have always been."

    - Craig Schulz

    Sparky drew Snoopy on the doghouse, the Flying Ace … but Bill Melendez had to make him fly — he put him up in the air. That’s amazing. …
    We hopefully can take another step and take Snoopy into some action in 3D animation in that same kind of progression as Melendez did with 2D animation. …
    Now we’re painting on a bigger canvas.

    - Steve Martino

    Taken from a video review of the art book, The Art of Blue Sky Studios, two pieces of concept art for The Peanuts Movie (by Schulz) are featured in the art book's epilogue.

    One of Charlie Brown and Lucy at the latter's booth during Winter:

    And one of Snoopy as the World War I Flying Ace:
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