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  • I do agree with you. Really, I think Ted as James would've been the best overall. You? For me, Eric has good personality as James, and he sounded really good in the OS as the character, so he's my pick: I feel Ted had less flavor and personality, so that's why I don't prefer him myself out of the 3. I do feel that in AG, Eric got worse as James, but I still prefer him to Carter at the worst. You?
    He was pretty good as Snap, Samurai, and was an okay voice for Gary. Aside for that, though, he does really suck. I can tolerate his James, though, so I'll give him some credit (as cheap a ripoff it is of Eric's version). His Meowth and Prof Oak are godawful, though: even I can do better than that.

    I don't like Bill Rogers that much either as Brock. Kind of for the same reason as Carter's Meowth...his voice for Brock is just too gruff for my tastes, you know? It still feels too artificial for me. Either that, or Eric just fit Brock really well, and I miss his voice a lot. His voice made Brock seem so...gentle and warm...very comforting to listen to. His tone was a lot smoother. I don't even know how to articulate this stuff...everyone likes his James the most, but I was always partial to his Brock.
    Yeah, he BLOWS as Professor Oak. He's never been good in that role.

    Really, the only role he was well cast in was James. Even then, Eric Stuart was still better as James, IMO.

    Meowth's voice is unbearable now. It's as bad as Brock's was in DP: just wrong for the character. Only Nathan can save him at this point, IMO.
    Max was annoying to me because he sounded way too old to me. Still much better than Ash was there (especially in the later BF episodes = O_O), though, no doubt. XD.

    IKR? Seriously, everyone sounded constipated or like they were smoking cigs in DP. XD.
    I agree regarding the TPCi dub. I too feel something really bad happened to the English dub in DP. I actually thought TPCi did a decent job with BF (minus Ash and Max- god damn, Veronica Taylor and Amy Birnbaum needed to come back ASAP). I still personally preferred 4Kids at the time, but I felt TPCi was decent at the time.

    On the other hand, like what you said, DP was horribly dubbed in my eyes. At least the first half, anyway. Ash and Brock sounded constipated and like they were smoking some vicious cigarettes, Team Rocket wouldn't stop the alliterations, assonance, etc. Add all of that together, and it created a disaster.

    BW marked a spike in the voice acting, and everyone but Zoppi got at least tolerable to good. Same here. Still, it just isn't the same, like what BW116 (the flashback episode) made clear in my eyes.

    Holistically, 4Kids did the better English dub in my eyes. Gotta say, I'll always miss them for Pokemon.
    Ah, I see. You were pro TPCi, but then shifted to being pro 4Kids.

    I was neutral at the time of the switch, then I heard the current voice cast (minus Sarah Natochenny), and hated them with a passion. I've cooled down since but whenever I watch the 4Kids dub, I'm sadly reminded how good the dub used to be. I feel the actors put so much more passion and energy into their performances, and fit the ages of the characters very well. I see Team Rocket bugs you in the current dub: I'm not a fan of the constant rhymes and puns Cathcart makes them say myself. XD.

    I loved Nathan Price's Meowth. He was a very good voice actor.
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