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  • Glad to hear it. Modifications to teams are always going to be needed. Once something becomes a capable threat, teams start running different strategies to counter them (like running HP Grass became manditory to counter Gastrodon). I'm currently putting an RU team together. Proving quite the task.
    probably NACHOE! since he's the editor of the podcast. It's pretty much a pokemon banter podcast. It's sort of fun. Have sections like "Random Encounter" where they review a specific pokemon. "Battle Subway" is sort of a team showcase session where they pick apart a team and give their input. "Pokenav" where they review certain cities and what you do in them. News and stuff covered too.
    I see by the shout out you gave is a sign your team testing is still looking decent. I'm burning out on team rating, but my PM keeps getting a request to review teams. Doesn't help that my StriatonRadio podcast guest spot got people wanting to hear my opinions on twitter too xD lol
    Statistically speaking, you didn't choose a bad Lost hero. It's stats are there, but it's movepool is where it hurts. But on a sun team, it's playing no differently than Venusaur would, and Quiver Dance is (imo) a bigger set up threat than Growth.
    I'm very pleased that my advice has had such a dramatic impact on your laddering. I suppose I'm not all that rusty like I thought I was. Good job with the team. It's was quite nice to be a part of it's progress :)
    Well I found a shiny seed, so I've been trying to hit it, unsuccessfully. I'm starting to think it's Timer0. But nevertheless, that same seed gives me a non shiny Flawless Cobalion after 64 Chatters, but when I checked it, I had caught it in a master ball so I restarted, I'm going to hit the same seed and just do 64 and keep it unshiny I guess lol.
    Wait, but then how would I know my target frame? Isn't it 1? Lol sorry, RNG breeding is different from this so I don't really get it xD
    Haha alright. So I started RNG Reporter, found a seed on Time Finder, copied it and pasted it to the main screen, and I got this, how will I know what frame I hit after hitting my seed? All I get is the nature:
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