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  • Yeah, it does suck.. And you're welcome; I'll let you know if and when I get my wifi back, if you still wanna trade that is.
    sure ill trade you a bulbasaur for a seviper... use FC soul silver 5457 2245 6981.. i can trade today if you are able too?
    Sorry about the late response as well. I've been doing the same thing lol. I haven't gotten the Darkrai yet, but I would love the Weavile or Crobat if you still have them :)
    Haii ^-^ and yes I am, Welcome to zee clan, proto96. :D
    IGN is your in-game name that you use for wifi battles.
    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, and also feel free to post on the thread.
    Valid reasoning I suppose. Accepted.

    There are four variations of Mamoswine in the Battle Tower;

    465 | Mamoswine | Adamant | Icy Rock | Earthquake | Ice Fang | Peck | Hail | HP/Atk
    601 | Mamoswine | Adamant | Sitrus Berry | Avalanche | Earthquake | Iron Head | Curse | HP/Atk
    737 | Mamoswine | Adamant | Lax Incense | Earthquake | Superpower | Fissure | Hail | HP/Atk
    873 | Mamoswine | Adamant | Life Orb | Earthquake | Ice Fang | Stone Edge | Double-Edge | HP/Atk
    all of which are pretty dangerous. If you want to be able to take on Ice types without losing to Mamosine and Weavile then I'd recommend a Fighting type. Lucario is a very nice sweeper, but it's open to Mamo and, assuming you'd use Swords Dance on it, Garchomp pulls off that job much better.

    So... Machamp?

    Just looking at the members of your team, I can tell that Drifblim is the weak link unless you're using a gimmicky TrickScarf set, assuming it's even able to run that at all, I can't quite remember if it gets Trick or not. Even if it is the TrickScarf one, imo having two Ice weaknesses, or two shared weaknesses at all for that matter, on one Battle Tower team is a bad idea; you simply don't have enough space for members to be sharing weaknesses. You might want to address this too.

    If you gave me some movesets which you're using, I might be able to help a bit more if you don't want to make your own thread.
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