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  • Okay I got you TWO EeveE eggs, a Vulpix, and of course you have a Buneary and Misdreavus an let's not forget you now are a proud owner of a Chicka! You're welcome.
    OK, you realize that's not a Chika egg; You'll know it when you see it, because it has the same light green skin as Chika and her ring of vines in her neck. But you did get a Buneary egg, and a misdreavus egg. You should try to get a scyther egg, which is a green egg with his face on it, and here's the Eevee egg ->
    Poke you can go to options in your party and choose abandon to release one of your pokes into the shelter, just so you know.
    It's the same Aura Ash, what's you're name there? oh you could just use my egg link on my sig, plus please click my eggs! ^_^ I'll click all of yours every day I can.
    I've been great! I joined 7eeveelutions RGP "eevee elite" and am on almost everyday so that I can add on to the story! it is soooooooooo cool ^_^
    That's only because you spam a lot of threads, like the one saying I suggest you buy a PS3, because I like mine a lot...............................................liar! XD, just kidding.
    Yup, thanks for remembering ^_~ Oh, and you made it to the Morty rank wow, you were just Whitney a few minutes ago.
    Well we've had tornadoes here every day since last sunday. But probably that's mostly because of the thunder spirits coming to get Shelley, my cousin, but sister Ho-Chunk way and the mother of Skylar, and Madison who died on Saturday.
    Yeah, but you got a lot more days off than I did, We won't be meeting up this weekend, since We're in Denver for the week and we have to drive back this weekend.

    But The weekend after that We'll probably do something. ^_^
    One of these weeks you have to beat Platinum and we can start our final teams.
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