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  • I don't have a shop. I just make cards for whoever PMs me and asks for one. If you want me to make a card for you, here are the things I need to know:
    - What you want in the background (a pattern, color, whatever)
    - I MIGHT be able to put a small image of a small Pokemon on the card somewhere. I have not tried this yet but if you want me to I will.
    - What you want your card to say (mine says "Varanus's shinies")
    - What your shinies are and how you got them (although your post in the Shiny Thread delineates that pretty well :) )
    - What your hunts are (if you have any) and how you're hunting
    - If you have any special requests.

    I think that's it. If you ever need me to edit it, just drop me a PM or VM. Also, I'm leaving town for Thanksgiving starting tomorrow, so I might not be able to work on it until next week, but we'll see. Sorry about that!
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