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  • [7:16:27 PM] Garza: i know you been calling me dude theres a fat, like really fat black woman leaving me messages that keeps sayinbg shug all the time
    [7:16:31 PM] Garza: you silly nincompoop
    [7:18:02 PM] Ianeh: lol
    [7:18:08 PM] Ianeh: what did she say
    [7:19:25 PM] Garza: she said that ian goulds penis is mush bigger and rounder than mine and that she was leaving me for a far superior man at sitting at home on the computer.
    It's been a while since I've played, but I'm trying to get back into Pokemon like I was when I battled a lot. I'm even trying to upload some epic battles for my youtube channel :D.
    lol, give me a quick background on dppt meta. what works? i know fwg, celebi+heatran.

    tl;dr give me a quicky :]
    I'll probably need more help...if I need to EV train them myself (regarding which...to put where). I'm quite able to EV train, but lazy. RNG takes up a lot of my time :). Or I could just follow Smogon!
    I am so sorry! I did not know about Genesect's english name, and I registered under the name Genosect which was the Japanese name and only name I knew of it. I am certainly requesting a name change, but it won't be relating to any Pokémon issue. If you are a K-Pop fan of any sort, my new username might annoy you since I can't use non-alphanumerical symbols to actually include in the name. So if you're not a K-pop fan, don't pay any attention to Korean media not endorsed in American or European markets or popular businesses.
    If my name does not get changed, then I have no way of getting it changed until November, so I suggest blocking me wholly may help? If it doesn't I have no way of doing anything and you're just going to have to either ignore it and suck it up, or keep writing on your screen. Use a soft ballpoint or just a thin dry-erase marker. Otherwise, I have no control over your OCD.
    was going to a long time ago, but never did, lol. ill try it out :]

    sorry, couldnt join the battle city tourny :( no time on my end, ill be hardpressed to do the contra
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