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  • Nah I kinda like the new Fairy-type now it's cute!!!
    And wow thats lame I don't use either of those T___T SPPf it is.

    Also wth at Fairy-type Pokemon?!?!? idk how to feel about it lol. ALSO YEAH what other Things do you have?
    I've been doing pretty good. :)

    I'm not that much active around here either. It's become rather boring around here lately.
    Weird how CoroCoro leaked today with brand new Pokemon :p yeah I really can't wait but I'll have to get a 3DS first X___X I can't wait till my exams are over bc I'm kinda hoping to get back into the Pokemon fandom??? I miss it a lot
    Oh yeah that totally sucks T__T I really don't want to get a job and stuff but EVERYONE has to so it's not all bad I guess :') ARE YOU EXCITED for the new pokemon games because i am
    *holds you 6 days late* *told you i was inactive lol* Why was it depressing T___T

    I AM SO JELLY. I'm just spending my days revising and doing work it's not very fun but it'll be worth it when they're over I guess. My school has a sixth form yeah, but I barely ever see lower school. I'm doing maths, further maths, sociology and biology!! What are you doing? Besides French lol.
    Yeah same ;~; majority of the people I talked to either don't come here anymore or are inactive, like me.

    Yeah I'm onto A levels!! Exams start in 3 weeks :') Can't wait for them to be over! What are you doing right now?
    lol no problem :') I'm barely on here anymore v___v busy with school and lack of interest in Pokemon means very little time spent here, unfortunately. It's going OK though! Lots of work but yeah~

    Apparently not here in the state I live in. XP

    I got you beat on that. Level 49 Audino versus level 9 Litwick. Got over 9000 EXP. No DBZ jokes, please.

    Pollen, pet dander, dust, anything that gets up my nose and clogs it up basically. It drives me nuts. >.<
    OH NO YOU DON'T! -starts chasing you-

    Meh, I could be better. Stupid allergies are making my life hell right now. XP
    You know its the Moon Jellyfish that mesmerize me. I saw a bunch of them in an aquarium.

    Also, I have a shiny Tentacruel. Found it while hatching a Houndour egg.
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