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  • Doesn't have to be really soon or anything. Also Verizion Wireless sucks. I'm glad that Grass/Fighting Pokemon didn't start a business. /lame joke
    Hey R. New, would you like to trade with me sometime? Let's set it to where we can hear the other person's voice.
    Hey Arnu, how goes it?

    I'm doing considerably well. I want a Spiritomb though, from Dream World Spooky Manor.

    I would agree with that. I think the "you have to be a Christian to go to heaven" is total BS.
    Yes, that would be a good moral. It works well in religious and secular purposes.

    I, however, live in Bible Belt, Religious Right, Rick Perry Texas. You don't know how much crap I dealt with in school, esp. Middle to High School. I was told that I would go to hell since I refuted the belief that you had to be a Christian to go to heaven. I'll see that person there. :p
    I don't care if people are atheists. Although I did some research, and I came to the conclusion that I am a Deist. Logic should appropriately come first.

    My moral: Question everything about religion. See what makes the most sense to you.

    Also, can't we all just get along?
    R. New, you would be a good person to help me get things out of my system. Today, we had World Religion class, and we seemed to pass the first hurdle. People can actually read this time! However, I think we have yet to pass the second hurdle. We are studying Islam and damn it, can we get on with the lesson? Many people are like, "Well the Qur'an can't be true because we Christians believe in this. Hurp derp!" I want the class to get over this, so that we can get pass this overbearing hurdle.

    I noticed earlier that you were in an atheist club, so I thought you would be a good third party or something.
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