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Last Activity:
Mar 19, 2019 at 6:24 AM
Sep 1, 2004
Likes Received:
May 16
Journeying through Alola
Knowing things

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Really and truly, Female, from Journeying through Alola

Psychic was last seen:
Mar 19, 2019 at 6:24 AM
    1. FlamingRuby
      Would it be okay if I made a list of neat power names to inspire those that need names for magic spells/superpowers in the Author's Cafe. People could also contribute neat names to the list.
    2. Auraninja
      Oh, you're back. How have you been?

      Also, is your profile description a reference to getting a Modest Mewtwo?
    3. KenzeyEevee
      Hey! How are you?
      1. Psychic
        Hi! I'm well, how are you?
        Sep 16, 2018
        KenzeyEevee likes this.
      2. KenzeyEevee
        I am good thanks for asking!
        Sep 16, 2018
    4. NidokingJ
      hi did u delete my post
    5. Bay
      Hey, better late than never. I know how much you love Meowstic, so yeah I had to do that cameo heh. Happy you like what I did with Caitlin's Pokemon there, I was checking the movesets and thought I would have them do something similar to how Meowstic calmed Caitlin down from your fic. Shauntal was fun to write, and man I realize I've written three of the Unova Elite Four now (Marshal only has a tiny speaking role in Foul Play so he doesn't count =x ). LOL bless Darach,I got that from Caitlin's comment how he cleaned her villa and immediately left. So glad that you enjoyed your Yuletide fic, and good luck with your next Yuletide assignment!
    6. Satomine Night
      Satomine Night
      You're not the first user who has misspelled my username. Quite a few users have called me "Santomine Night," especially back when I was a newer to Serebii and hadn't posted as much.

      Satomine is a portmanteau of two Japanese names—Satomi (sato = "wisdom" and mi = "reality, truth"; I chose it as a sort of female counterpart to Satoshi, Ash's Japanese name, since Ash is my favorite character); and Mine ("ocean sound"). I thought the two names sounded good together.

      Night is just because I am a fan of the moon and the tranquility of nighttime, and I felt "Satomine Night" had a nicer ring to it than "Satomine Moon." :p
    7. Satomine Night
      Satomine Night
      Ah...I don't mean to harp or anything, but you spelled my username wrong in your signature...
    8. Satomine Night
      Satomine Night
      Your banner request has been complete. Thank you for your request (and for bumping my thread)! :)
    9. Aura Of Twilight
      Aura Of Twilight
      Hi Psychic. I have an rp character related question. Is it acceptable to create a character who's based off an already existing video game character, only more fleshed out and with some major differences? Not a whole lot is known about said video game character's personality except for the basics and since she's not a main character in the video game, I think her personality could be expanded upon. Or would that be considered plagiarism? I just want to know so I don't make any major mistakes.

    10. Kamotz
      Just saw your RPG advice post. If you need help with ideas or want someone to bounce them off of I'm able to help
    11. Kamotz
      Hi psychic. I dunno if you've gotten other reports from users, but im unable to view almost anything on the site. It keeps redirecting to a "no connection" page or a "this page can't be reached."
    12. jnshucker12
      jnshucker12 - Yesterday 8:50 PM Edit Report

      Sorry, I was gone on vacation.
    13. TheCharredDragon
    14. [GS]
      Oh hey there! \o
    15. Umbramatic
      (That's fine on PM, you guys should give this thing some thought).

      And yeah, it was a fun and spiritually fitting ride, your contribution included, and hyped for the Corpses happening again next year!
    16. Umbramatic
      ...Was there something wrong with my last VM? ._.
    17. Omegagoldfish
      Thanks, for the belated birthday wish.
    18. Umbramatic
      Hey, just wanted to say I appreciated you respected that the Anime Episode Exquisite Corpse was supposed to be a more affectionate parody and didn't really use it as an excuse to crap on Ash and Co. even though you personally avoid fics on them; I have a strong soft spot for the show and haters have historically given me a hard time, so it made me happy you didn't stoop to the level of the people who make me extremely anxious on the subject.

      (Granted, I only ever intend to write fics about the anime's side characters NOT named Ash and Co, but that's for complicated reasons; I summed them all up in a Tumblr post once but not sure if you'd ever want to read it. ^_^; )

      ...That aaaaaand that Exquisite Corpse was frigging hilarious in genral. XD When are you guys doing this again I want in on the crack
    19. Bananarama
      You're welcome.
    20. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      You're welcome ^^
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    May 16
    Journeying through Alola
    Knowing things
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I am one of the coolest people you will never meet.
    I'm also very modest. ;)

    Likes reading, writing, reviewing, RPing, dessert decorating, theatre, feminism, social justice


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