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  • I have spellcheck turned off, but I usually catch my mistakes while posting. I'm a very fast typist, so I've had to train myself not to misspell stuff.

    Thank you, but college is still a long way off. I'm in ninth grade still, and I'm planning to do my eleventh and twelfth here (in India where I live), and I'll probably go to the UK for college. So yeah, got a lot of time ^_^

    I think we've talked enough to warrant a friend request, but feel free to refuse it if you disagree.

    I know, I usually end up typing 'Dedaly' half the time, and editing it a few seconds later -_- now I'm getting a username change, so my name will match my signature :D

    I wasn't defending how Darth used the word. Writing only "he/she" or only "it" would suffice in his case, slashing all three is superfluous. I only stated that it is included in the definition of "it" that "it" can refer to a human. You stated otherwise.
    I guess that this could be a misunderstanding by you meaning a contextual "it", rather than any "it", but not including that in your text.

    It's difficult to read this white text on the black background.
    Firstly, I have yet to see humans referred to as "it"s. Even if you're saying something like "the worker" or "the CEO," you don't later refer to them as "it." In English, humans (and sometimes animals) only get gendered pronouns; "it" is a non-gendered pronoun that refers to an object. Thus, when you say "it" in English, it is assumed you are referring to an object.
    Its Okay Psychic. You have lots of Responsibilities Anyways. :)

    I loved Everything about it. At First When I started Reading It, It sounded like a Romance Story but as I kept on going it Slowly Changed. It Sounded like Young Ian was Using The Other Person as Motivation to Become a Better Trainer. I guess The Reason Why I Read it as A Romance Story is because how much Young Ian Admire That Person. I Liked how you included The Persim Berry to Show The Connection with Young Ian and The Other Character. One thing that I Notice About The Story is That Young Ian actually Mature at the End of The Fanfic. I Also love that the Setting took place in Johto. Keep it Up. :D

    Yeah Colosseum has a Really Fun Story Mode. MT. Battle is Easy in The Story Mode but if you want to get Ho-Oh it will be alittle Challenging. :)
    I never got a Chance to Play XD but I plan on buying a Used one and another Gamecube. :p
    My Favorite Characters are Venus, Miror B. , Ein, and Our Protagonist. Even though he doesn't show any Emotions. :p
    One thing I love about Colosseum is the Music. Agate Village has the most peaceful Music ever. :)

    Yeah I Have Both HG and SS. :)

    Are You getting The X and Y games? :)
    I think I did already. =p

    “Thank you for bringing them, Bob. Now, the three of you will be going to Pallet Town and tracking down Him. Capture Him and bring him back here. That is all.”

    “Yes Master.” Bob Anderson Billison answered as the three left the room. They walked (or in Psy’s case hobbled and hopped) down the seemingly endless flights of stairs, where they flew to Cinnabar using jet packs.
    (Anderson? Also WHERE ARE MY ROYALTIES)
    paused at the right moment in sonic adventure. the best cutscenes of any sonic game.
    OK, sure, how about the running gag in the Adventure of Adventureness series where someone calls Mr. Psychic by the wrong name (Mr. Psybeam, Mr. Psyshock, and on occasion, something that doesn't even sound similar, like Mr. Dream Eater, just for the hell of it), and then, no matter where the character in question is in relation to Mr. Psychic, he invariably hears it and shouts "THAT'S MR. PSYCHIC!", which the character in question always hears?
    Sorry, I got too impatient. Also it's an outline. It's not meant to be a prose of any kind. That and I'm too lazy to even bother finding appropriate places to split paragraphs.
    I'm thinking of getting a new Beta Reader but the thread is sadly submerged. Little help please?
    sorry; i wanted to ask if my signature was okay. someone in the signature check thread said it was okay but to check with a moderator.
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