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  • Yes, I am going to the London Expo and I will see elyvorg. :D I'm staying at her place for like three days and making her watch a bunch of movies I love that she'd also like. It will be epic.

    D: I do wish I could get my *** over to Canada! If it helps, Shadey and I have been making lengthy honeymoon plans for going to Las Vegas JUST TO SEE PENN AND TELLER so at least that's one westwards trip in the works. All we need is some wedding plans that aren't five kazillion years from now.

    So. I am going to Sweden and England, so as I probably won't be able to bug you on MSN, I will tell you to GO JUDGE NOW here instead. (Really! It's been more than a year!)
    Usually I make little pendants and things, but I've done a fair few models - had to make 12 for this Game Board I made as a final piece in Yr12 Art [that took forever, btw] they were about 2 inches high.
    I prefer to be quite diverse, have a good stab at anything creative really.
    I don't speak French, however, never been any good at languages other than English.
    Hey. Just wanted to catch-up again. I like catching-up every now and then, so I'm informed. =)

    What's up? Anything new in your life?
    nah there aren't many, but it's usually the little side parts where she get's the best lines or expressions =]
    I'm trying to make little 3D models of the main 6 ponies from polymer clay ...
    And now we're at the point where neither of us care enough to be decisive about it. Happens surprisingly often!

    Tell you what - looking back at my previous use of Chrom, he's basically an entirely separate character from what he was however-many-years ago, so he'd need a reboot regardless. Let's go for new ones, shall we?
    hey can you move one of my stories to the shipping section since it's more shippy? (also i didnt know where crossovers go)
    yeah i understand. I just wanted to get along with everyone else and I want to be better you know?
    I ask because I don't want to get the cold shoulder or someone yells at me about talking to them. I just wanted to know if you were still mad at me or no? :p
    look on my visiter messages part of it is probably there okay it will say ya I did so what you gonna do about it
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