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  • Hi Psychic. I died. But now I'm not dead. Fwee?

    No, no, no. I'm not dead. But I have an obsession with WOMBATS(don't ask), what's worse?
    That's because the date of my birth is a secret passed on from generation to generation. Or something like that. Hee on the presents, though. Wow, wouldn't that be a dream come true.

    Thanks! Hope this year is a good one for you as well. ;)
    I'm also rather busy, coming back to school from a short holiday break. Started year 12 recently, so it's serious time. Whee.

    So cosplaying is a way to don a disguise as well? ;) But probably is a pity that Umbreon aren't renown for saying anything other then its own name or the such. Hmm, I wonder, would Miror B have been done before? If not I call dibs (if I ever do it that is, and find a big enough afro to boot >_>).
    Hello there, Psychic. How are things for you?

    And you do cosplay? What's that like, I wonder? *is curious and likes Umbreon which are awesome*
    Aww thanks. I just know how some mods are really iffy about that kinda stuff. Thanks for being courteous about the matter. ^^
    How are you doing? Been a long time since Ive posted here.

    I'm making a Horror/Haunted style RPG. But I can't seem to get the plot long enough. Any tips?

    And How are you doing? Gotten Mewtwo yet?
    Hi, my username is Silver Riolu, I'm known as Platinum Lucario on PokéCommunity.
    I completed Pokémon Platinum on September 11th.
    Anyway, how are you doing?
    I personally think she's in denial. And her LJ is a wasteland...no one comments on it.

    That is true. And waking up at, like 5 to travel to Chicago is a little stupid I guess. Only animes I really know about are the popular Shonen Jump stuff, and Tenchi Muyo from a few years back...so I guess it would be a good time to catch up on the newer stuff.

    Fairly good. Biology isn't going as good as I hoped it would, but AP Language Composition is prety entertaining.
    I can get that; from what I've seen from her posts and LJ entries she's baiting and trying to get you mad. Oh well. One day it'll catch up to her.

    Me? Gas is fairly expensive now, thanks to Ike-it was about $5 a gallon Friday-and I don't have a car anyway. Though I do want to go to one.

    Hope everything is well otherwise.
    Tell me about it. It's like they just choose the most obscure things and somehow it becomes successful. Doesn't make sense, unless there's someone who's so l33tha><0r he/she decides the memes like a king over a rather sad kingdom.
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