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  • Yay! *claps* You got promoted to mod+! I'm not exactly sure what that means, but it sounds more important than mod! =D
    Hello Psychic, I wanted to know how's it goin'! xD I went to the water park today, but my lazy stepfather decided to take a snooze for four hours and I was stuck taking care of my little brother and little sister (that basically means Hades for four hours if you've ever experienced Children . . . . ((off topic: *dun dun dun, Anaranjado spews fire everywhere and his normally closed eyelids are wide open*

    Anaranjado: Toddlers! Ahgh! *fire burns painting of flower*))

    Yes, now, what about you? (imagination got a little, crazy again . . . . .>_>)
    Er, hello.

    What do you mean, "meet" me? You haven't met me yet in any sense of the term.

    Oh I'm sorry :[
    I was already on your profile so I thought I would just leave a message.
    It won't happen again. :]
    Well, the reason I had deleted the thread was because I felt it was a train-wreck. People were sniping at each other, a lot of us were hurt by the abrasive manner of Zero's criticisms (and if I had to be honest, I'd suspect a few were upset by the criticisms themselves, since when you're dealing with a lot of people there are bound to be at least some emotional invest in the project), intentions were misread (I'll sheepishly admit I misread Burnt Flower's post myself as saying we were all rude), and because I myself made a poorly-realized first post that did little to address things like the nature of the villain (who's still in flux - your concrits, and Zero's, were helpful and we did listen to them/discuss them, mostly offsite). I'm sorry if it felt like no one was listening to you or that you were talking to an inflexible brick wall - as one of the two head editors of this project, don't feel like I'm not trying to do everything in my power to make sure this project is at least good, if not the most original. I'd have to ask everyone else in the club if it's okay to let you come in for a little bit - as long as we can all stay civil to each other (and if you can check your pessimism off at the door - not that it's not healthy or not warranted, but I really don't want another squabble breaking out or more wounded egos), and you can make your points in peace, I suppose it can work out. But I'm only one person, and I have to listen to the opinions of the whole group...
    Skeith: Shhhh, uh, mao knows nothing. Yeah. Don't ask her. *innocent*

    Sike: I is make thank-you post for birthday post at you. :3

    Party-girl: Awww, I have been serenaded! And YES, nobody parties like the sophistocated Mudkip! Awesome! *swings shoelaces over her head*
    And honestly, don't worry; it'll get here when it gets here! ^-^

    Malfoy: Um, don't feel obligated to get me anything. >>

    Cosette: Thank you! ^^


    duncan: XD Quite all right; thank you either way! And lol, making Psychic work might not be the best way to make things up (which you shouldn't feel obligated to do). XD

    Whoops. Meant to say this yesterday, but...

    Happy Birthday. :) To make this an even more special occasion, I will spend the entire day reporting random stuff to you. XD Or not...
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