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  • Happy birthday Psychic. I would get you something but due to time zones, I think technically where I live, your birthday has already passed. XP

    And people, it's impolite to ask a lady/woman/girl/masseuse/trampolin-maker about her age. XD

    =D We shall party with teh sophisticated mudkip! =D That guy's gotta learn to live a little XD WOOT ANOTHER YEAR OL- ER YOUNGER! YEAH! *hi5*

    anyway I'm reeeeaaallly sorry, you b-day present still isn't ready D= I meant to have had it sent out by now but well... yeah D= If you want to know what it is, msn or pm or e-mail or note(dA) me. ^-^


    Hrrm me thinks we'll have to ask MayoNayz to get miss Psychic's age unless of coruse you don't want us to know :p
    Skeith: Ohmaigawd thank yooooouuuuuuu! He's so cute! Added to my faves! :D

    Doc: Indeed. Or am I? Uh, wait, how old am I? Hm.
    But yes, Mewtwo has been rescued from the clutches of ev- I mean, Myuu. Miiiiiiine. 8D

    Doc: Thanks, but uh, for me there isn't a number next to my name (if that's what you're looking at). I'm not that old, no, not yet! That's soooo old! I'm never gonna be that old. ;;

    Chesh: Thank yew, deary. Run along to th'learnin' place, now like a good boy.

    DP: Thank you from random computer sitting in my room. Wait, how'd this get here?
    Oh yeah, like five years ago...

    Chesh: Pfft, you're so late you deleted your own post. Wtf, man. D:

    Draco...wannabe...foy: Fun stuff, fun stuff. Your old name was cute, though. Looking forward to those results! ^^ Sorta...*hides*

    Umi: Do it. I mean uh, if you do I'll love you forever and ever! *hies her Threatening Axe behind hert back*

    GG: :O First birthday message (save the one from PC that came like six hours early). Thanks!

    ~Neon~: Until you said it in Chesh's thread, I had no idea who you were! ^^;
    Thankies, though! ^^

    I should make you some really nice Mewtwo graphics, or give you a life size Mewtwo doll for your birthday. :[ *randomly pops in*
    I knew forgot something! *hurries off the judge more entries*. You have nothing to worry about though - I don't have a ton more of entries to review (only three-four, I think). I don't know how far Katie is into her judging though.

    And everything okay with me. Just the normal half-yearly examinations at school. Being a teenager can sometimes be crap. Well, good to know you're doing well.

    *looks at old name* I can't believe I called myself "masterwannabe" - mit may have sounded cool to me at the time but now I just realise it sounds... tacky. X.X
    Damnit, Mewtwo, not again! Argh, now I'm going to have to get the prybar and saucepan. *sighs and goes to fetch the required utensils*

    Wow, I just realized that masterwannabe is more mature than Ledian_X. That's just weird. >>

    Also hi. Hope everything's going well for you, too. *coughincludingcontestjudgingcough*

    Felt like coming in here and saying "hello".

    Looks like you're doing well. Well, hope everything is working out for for ya.
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