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  • This is your random Vmessager, Devastator2000. Going onto randomized profiles and wishing everyone a happy day throught SPFF!
    I felt disappointed in the movie. Because the scenes seemed rushed, and I felt as though the actors protrayed very little emotion. I did not like how they did not revel Jasper's power since he is my second favorite vampire next to Edward. My favorite scene was when the Culleens' were fixing Italian food for Bella, that scene was adorable. I did not like the previews they had for other movies. Because they showed one called "The Unborn" and that scared me really bad. I also did not like that preview of that movie because it was so graphic. Yeah, my Thanksgivng was good.
    I am only on Chapter 5 of the first book-Twilight. But, after I finish my homework today, I am going to try to finsh it all. However, my mom already finished it. She says we aregoing to go see it on Thanksgiving break. So, I wil finish it before we go see the movie. I only have two more misions left until I beat Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.
    Well I'm sure that you'll have equally great days in the future. :3

    No. I haven't. I just write fan fictions. I'm not really in to reading real books.
    Have you gotten it yet? I am doing great in the game I am on the 11th mission, but I always finish all of the new side quests before the next mission. I have not played it in a liitle while because I am trying to read the first book of the Twilight series, and read the first volume of "Guru-Guru Pon-Chan." Both books I rented from the school library. Are you reading anything right now?
    No problem. :3

    Oh that? Just post. A LOT! xD I've been here for four years so I managed to gradually get up ranks. (Hopefully I'll up another rank. I'm kinda sick of this one right now)
    Random Fact of the day (._. just started as of now)
    Is that I love reading the Twilight Saga and that I am on Team Jacob!!!!! woot!!!!!!!!!!
    more tomorrow ;D
    I got Pachirisu as my first parter, how about you? I am ranger rank three, 6th mission, and I also got Krickitot, and Craniodos as my Secondary partners. Where are you in the game?
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