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Nov 8, 2019
Mar 13, 2008
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PsychicPsycho was last seen:
Nov 8, 2019
    1. Atratus
      Nah, it's fine
    2. Atratus
      I forgot the item for the first pokemon, sorry about that. Thanks and enjoy your Gengar :)
    3. Atratus
      Your Gengar wants to learn Dark Pulse. Should I teach it?
    4. Atratus
      I have a couple :) What is your FC?
    5. Atratus
      2294-4340-8428. How many pokemons do you need to evolve again?
    6. Atratus
      Hey :) I'm afraid I don't have any of the stones (started with 6th gen only recently). Would today at around 5-6pm or earlier work for you? That would be midnight to 1am for me, which is the latest I can do.
    7. Atratus
      I would also like to trade-evolve a few pokemon, for my dex, so if you can help me with that it would be great :)
    8. Atratus
      Hey :) I can help you evolve your Haunter. I live in Europe though, so if you are only free in the evening I could only do so in the weekend.
    9. bronislav84
      I'd like to make it fairer for you. I should have finished this months ago, but I was busy. I probably won't do much of the Black 2 post-game except unlocking transfer and breeding.
    10. bronislav84
      Oh thank you for the explanation. Thing is, I still need to defeat the elite 4 and open up transfer on Black 2 because I never made it to the transfer facility in White 1. Then I need to transfer them from Gen 3 to 4. It will still be a while. I will get back to you when I'm ready, ok?
    11. mjunior3
      Well, I heard "face", but I'm not positive about the rest, lol.
    12. mjunior3
      It was just noise, but I THINK I heard you say something like "Get that out of my face", or something close, lol.
    13. mjunior3
      Hey, I figured this would be better than wasting PMs, lol.

      Yeah, I go to my room alone while trading with Voice Chat on, so it's usually just me, lol. And yes, I heard it pretty well, lol.
    14. Jb
      "I'm looking for a Serperior named Serpedera. It'll be at lvl 98 or above."

      I'm a little curious about this. Did you lose it or something?
    15. Auraninja
      About your Dream Radar question. I was fighting Thundurus, and Thundurus seemed to be harder this time with him hanging on my ceiling, very hard to find, and throwing out thunderbolts out of nowhere. When I lost that battle, I still had enough orbs to fight Tornadus, and Tornadus seemed harder to fight this time (but at least he wasn't doing the cheap "I'm on your ceiling trick"), when I beat Tornadus, I actually got a Life Orb that time. I can't say for sure that they will become more difficult for those unique items that they don't all share (Star PIece, Heart Scale, Rare Candy), but I have a creeping suspicion.
    16. Phoopes
      Saw your name for the first time in a while. Congrats on getting all 493 in the Pokeathlon and trading with all the countries!
      I'm originally from Bulgaria so I'm just curious.
      What pokemon did you get from Bulgaria?
    19. Squirel Princess
      Squirel Princess
      I absolutely love voltorb flip. i can spend hours playing it :)
      its all stategy
    20. cantavanda
      Hello mister! :)
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    Favourite Pokémon:
    Video games, tv, music, sleeping, thinking too much


    I'm looking for a Serperior named Serpedera. It'll be at lvl 98 or above. If you happen to have such a pokemon please PM me.

    Pretendeavors (Goals I have that don't really mean anything) Updated 10-04-13 ​

    Voltorb Flip, Level 8 Victories: 16
    White Geonet: All countries completed!!! (130), 505 Trade Locations (of 513)
    The Last Ten: Locations
    Arunachel Pradesh, India * Dadra & Nager Hall, India * Formosa, Argentina :)621:)
    Henan, China * Himachal Pradesh, India * Lakshadweep, India
    Lubusz, Poland * Madhya Pradesh, India * Shaanxi, China :)515:) * Sikkim, India​

    Pokeathlon Pokedex: 493/493- COMPLETED!!! (01-05-13)