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  • I forgot the item for the first pokemon, sorry about that. Thanks and enjoy your Gengar :)
    Hey :) I'm afraid I don't have any of the stones (started with 6th gen only recently). Would today at around 5-6pm or earlier work for you? That would be midnight to 1am for me, which is the latest I can do.
    I would also like to trade-evolve a few pokemon, for my dex, so if you can help me with that it would be great :)
    Hey :) I can help you evolve your Haunter. I live in Europe though, so if you are only free in the evening I could only do so in the weekend.
    I'd like to make it fairer for you. I should have finished this months ago, but I was busy. I probably won't do much of the Black 2 post-game except unlocking transfer and breeding.
    Oh thank you for the explanation. Thing is, I still need to defeat the elite 4 and open up transfer on Black 2 because I never made it to the transfer facility in White 1. Then I need to transfer them from Gen 3 to 4. It will still be a while. I will get back to you when I'm ready, ok?
    It was just noise, but I THINK I heard you say something like "Get that out of my face", or something close, lol.
    Hey, I figured this would be better than wasting PMs, lol.

    Yeah, I go to my room alone while trading with Voice Chat on, so it's usually just me, lol. And yes, I heard it pretty well, lol.
    "I'm looking for a Serperior named Serpedera. It'll be at lvl 98 or above."

    I'm a little curious about this. Did you lose it or something?
    About your Dream Radar question. I was fighting Thundurus, and Thundurus seemed to be harder this time with him hanging on my ceiling, very hard to find, and throwing out thunderbolts out of nowhere. When I lost that battle, I still had enough orbs to fight Tornadus, and Tornadus seemed harder to fight this time (but at least he wasn't doing the cheap "I'm on your ceiling trick"), when I beat Tornadus, I actually got a Life Orb that time. I can't say for sure that they will become more difficult for those unique items that they don't all share (Star PIece, Heart Scale, Rare Candy), but I have a creeping suspicion.
    Saw your name for the first time in a while. Congrats on getting all 493 in the Pokeathlon and trading with all the countries!
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