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Video games, tv, music, sleeping, thinking too much
Favourite Pokémon


I'm looking for a Serperior named Serpedera. It'll be at lvl 98 or above. If you happen to have such a pokemon please PM me.

Pretendeavors (Goals I have that don't really mean anything) Updated 10-04-13​

Voltorb Flip, Level 8 Victories: 16
White Geonet: All countries completed!!! (130), 505 Trade Locations (of 513)
The Last Ten: Locations
Arunachel Pradesh, India * Dadra & Nager Hall, India * Formosa, Argentina :)621:)
Henan, China * Himachal Pradesh, India * Lakshadweep, India
Lubusz, Poland * Madhya Pradesh, India * Shaanxi, China :)515:) * Sikkim, India​

Pokeathlon Pokedex: 493/493- COMPLETED!!! (01-05-13)