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  • Hey, your inbox's full..
    Well, i chose you because i saw that youre rather active in the questions tgread, i thought you might know how to assist me either. I shall go with your advice but.. How do i change these settings?
    Free Pokemon (list updated Mar 1)

    I'm giving away a number of pokemon. These pokemon are filling my PC boxes up to the extent that I can hardly hold anymore. There's nothing wrong with them (that is, they're not hacks, as far as I can tell), I simply took in too many and wish to give away extras instead of releasing them. You don't have to give me anything (a simple lillipup or purrloin is fine), and you can request as many as you want.

    The list below is separated by generation of introduction, and alphabetized within generation. The black ones are foreign, or are at least believed foreign based on their names. Gender is given as M=male, F=female, NN indicates a pokemon is nicknamed, DW indicates a DW ability (not many though), and the number is, of course, the current level of the pokemon. A line indicates someone has asked for it, but hasn't received it yet, so it may become available again if unclaimed. I've whiped the slate clean, so any previous claims are removed. Those who had claims are free to re-request whatever they wanted.

    If you wish to get any of these, PLEASE PM, not VM, so this notice won't got lost in the shuffle. If you'd like any further info, just ask. My White FC is 0733 4951 2474.

    Another note: if, during our time in the wifi room, I signal you with an ' ! ', it means I sent a message to you over serebii. You can use this to signal me in the same manner.

    If anyone who reads this is located in Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Norway or Poland, please PM with your location. I may want to trade with you (something besides what's on the list).
    1st - 3rd Gen Below
    V V V V V V V V V V
    1st Gen
    Cloyster- M 57
    Doduo- F 1
    Eevee- M 23, M 1
    Golduck- F 34
    Gyarados- M 21, F 25, F 21
    Machop- For M 14 (can evo if desired)
    Machamp- F 34
    Magnemite- For 1
    Marowak- F 47, M 57
    Nidoran- F 1
    Paras- M 1

    2nd Gen
    Delibird- M 48
    Gligar- M 47, M 47
    Heracross- F 1
    Hoothoot- M 27
    Murkrow- M 1
    Noctowl- M 48
    Pichu- M 16
    Qwilfish- F 37
    Stantler- F 58
    Yanma- M 31, F 40

    3rd Gen
    Altaria- F 59
    Armaldo- M 40, M 40
    Carvanha- M 38
    Cradily- M 40, M 41
    Electrike- F 1
    Gulpin- M 1
    Illumise- F 1, F 1, F 1
    Lileep- For M 39
    Lunatone- 48
    Mudkip- M 1
    Numel- F 1
    Sableye- M 49, M 1
    Seviper- M 48
    Shroomish- F 1
    Shuppet- M 18
    Slakoth- For F 5
    Snorunt- M 1
    Swellow- For M 47, F 47, F 47
    Volbeat- M 1
    Wailord- F 40, M 69
    Zigzagoon- M 1

    4th & 5th Gen below
    V V V V V V V V V V
    4th Gen
    Bastiodon- M 30, M 30, NN M 31, M 30
    Drifblim- M 49
    Floatzel- F 66
    Hippopotas- M 1
    Lickilicky- NN M 35, F 50
    Rampardos- M 31
    Shieldon- For M 25

    5th Gen
    Amoongus- M 40, M 40
    Audino- NN M 23, For M 20, NN F 14
    Beheeyem- M 48
    Boldore- F 27
    Braviary- M 60
    Cofagrigus- F 35, F 34, M 36
    Cottonee- F 1
    Darmanitan- F 35 (DW), M 36, F 35
    Darumaka- For F 17
    Durant- NN M 38
    Emolga- M 48
    Excadrill- M 34
    Galvantula- M 36, M 37
    Garbodor- M 36, For M 33
    Gigalith- F 29, M 24, F 39
    Golurk- 43, 43
    Gothita- F 19, F 19, F 21
    Karrablast- NN F 22
    Klink- For 25
    Krookodile- M 40
    Larvesta- M 31, NN M 37
    Mandibuzz- For F 60, F 58
    Mienfoo- For F 37
    Musharna- F 35, For F 50, For F 34, M 33
    Oshawott- M 1
    Panpour- M 31, M 34
    Pansage- M 1
    Pansear- For M 19
    Petilil- F 15, F 1
    Rufflet (all M)- 36, 41, 34, 39
    Sawk- M 48
    Sawsbuck- F 35
    Seismitoad- F 36, F 37
    Snivy- M 25
    Stoutland- M 32
    Swadloon- M 23
    Swanna- M 49
    Throh- M 15, M 15
    Tranquill- F 28, F 23, For F 27
    Trubbish- F 21
    Unfezant- F 49
    Vullaby (all F)- NN 36, For 42
    Watchog- M 25
    Whisicott- F 17
    Woobat- For F 22
    Zebstrika- For F 27, For F 31
    Zoroark- M 36
    Zorua- various
    Well, glad I could help. Thanks a lot for the items. Feel free to contact me if you ever need anything.
    Sorry I read the times wrong. So you're one hour behind me. Can you trade tommarrow at around 4pm (your time) 5pm (my time)?
    Just looked at the Pokeathlon records thread... I thought I was good, but you're God at that thing, lol. What really stood out to me was 593 points in Stamina... and I thought my 498 was impressive. Also, 422 medalists? You have me beat by 420 in that category, lol.
    hey, i took yur advice, but im stuck on 3 more events. only 44 in pennant capture, 80.5 secs. in hurdle dash, and 456 pointrs in lamp jump...how can i murder those?
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