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Music, Pokemon, MOVIES!!!!, other non-pokemon video games(loves resident evil and Legend of Zelda)
Saffron City (actually Kansas)
Favourite Pokémon
POKEMON MASTA! that opperates drive thru...


I Play a ton of pokemon (I am a little embarassed about the amount of hours I have acumulated aready on my new Black version :p). Been playin since Blue Version came out. It was my first video game and have been hooked ever since. I love all the games Platinum being my favorite!
Favorite Pokemon are: Espeon, Venusaur, Flygon
Favorite Video Games: Pokemon(Duh!), Left4Dead, Resident Evil, Metroid, Legend of Zelda, Battle Toads, and SoulCalibur
Hobbies: I LOVE TO READ! 1984 is my favorite book, Love to watch Movies, I used to paint alot but dont so much any more
BLACKVERSION friend code: Ridley 2966 8314 0626