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  • Pretty good thanks! Only just come back after about a 3-month long hiatus, mainly due to schoolwork and low interest in Pokés. How 'bout you?
    Yeah, it was definitely a good fine *u* While I wouldn't say that we have many super high tier battlers, it's still really fun. Instead of playing straight OU, we hold like Theme'd tournaments every other week (using OU as the tier usually, the the occasional straight OU tournament) so it keeps it fresh, which is nice. And yeah, the graphics are so pretty *u* I can't wait until I get like... a coherent team built on X. Been slowly working towards a Hail/TR team for doubles play since the VGCs are coming to Seattle this year, which has taken away from my singles prep xD But yeahh, I probs wont be on (or have access to wifi even for that matter, need to get a cheap router over the holiday break) but I'll add your FC when i get a chance lol
    Oh, hey! Nice to see you back xD Yeah, everything's been pretty good. After the CG went down, I pretty much stopped frequenting pokemon clans xD I tried a few other, but to be perfectly honest they just weren't as fun and cool. Also, I had my first year of college following that up last year as well, so not as much time or motivation to be on simulators all the time as well (in addition to wanting to play other console games and such).

    Last spring though I found out about this super awesome competitive battling club at my Uni that I've been attending ever since I found out about it, and have recently become an officer in, which has been super cool. For all club activities we do purely in game battling, so that's spurred me to take up a lot more in game training and such as well, which has been fun.

    Cool to hear you're getting some stuff ready for in game wifi as well *u* I've completed a few breeding projects thus far, like.. 10 things bred maybe xD If you're interested, maybe we can swap FCs and swap extra breeds occasionally? >;D If you're interested my fc is 4167-4566-6656. I also have a water safari with... Wartortle, Poliwhirl and Krabby I believe.
    I've been doing pretty well. I've got exams coming up in two weeks, but then I get three weeks off, so that'll be good.
    sure, i can.
    Mine's 0216-2209-5764. Poison type. Known Pokemon: Gloom, Whirlipede, Swalot
    I'll add you when i find my DS again... Think it's at my other house.....
    actually, friend safari gives Pokemon wiht at least 31 in two stats, which helps with dittos. I manage to get a lot of Dittos, and IV breeding is easier
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