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  • Looks like USAtoday doesnt miss you at all. ;)
    Just wanted to stop by and wish you a good day (whenever it is that you read this that is).
    It rained on me the Friday morning of 2/8 when I was riding my bike. The funny thing was that it was mostly sunny, yet the clouds within my area dumped a HEAVY amount of rain on me. Thankfully my 3DS didn't get soaked. I bring that everywhere with me (even to work at times) for streetpass purposes, so yeah. :p
    ty psycho they already started using when I posted in the thread after seeing that they didn't use a form just wanted to double check with you <3
    Hi Psycho. A long time ago, I was a part of CG, but I'm thinking about starting a guild. I understand if you decline, but I'd like to offer you a position as one of my leaders. I'll only do this if I can get enough experienced battlers to join, and most of the other old CG members are in other clans. If you'd like to know more about my plans, just PM me. I understand if you'd like to take a break from competitive, but I feel I can get a really good group going if I do this right. And sorry about CG. It was a really great clan for the short time I was there. --KAL
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