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  • We don't know each other but I would just like to say that I'm sorry to hear about your clan I heard it was very good...
    Psycho im very sorry to see CG close i thank you for your shout out and for the time i spent there i would have loved to return one day.
    Make good on your promise and fight me here and now, or I shall strike thee down in your sleep, and take thine finest stallion, and bed your wench!
    Hey,CG was a awesome clan and introduced me to the serebii community . I had alot of fun at this clan,made great internet friends and if you ever open a new clan and need help starting it off or something shoot me a vm or you can pop by BR ;D visit the danger inc PO channel from time to time. That is where most former cg members chill out. again thank you for leading the best clan i will probably ever be part of.

    Hey man, if you ever choose to reopen BA/CG in any form, I will be there to help, be it as a leader or just a dedicated member. Oh, and why all this November stuff?
    Thanks for the shoutout...cg was great and I'll remember it for a long while. Thanks for making such a great clan psycho,I really enjoyed it, and I wouldn't even be on serebii without it. See you in November!
    I got through to the next round. Don't winmoney till the finals.
    I have a decent set of free time today, so maybe later today we can get it done.
    True, although I thought there was a difference between sprites and models. Oh well. :p

    I wonder if this new region will be based off of France? The player characters kind of look like they're based off of that nationality, and so does the landscape. That would actually be cool in my opinion, since I have a fond interest in Europe.
    Mr. cut, we have to play for CC. Im fairly certain your still UK GMT, so please bring it. Lemme know when your available and I will endeavour to match times.
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