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  • If that does happen, I'm eager to see her design. The appearance they gave the female player character for X & Y versions is great.
    I wonder if May will be replaced with someone else, like how Kris/Marina/Crystal was replaced with Lyra in HG/SS.
    I wonder what Hoenn will look like in 3D? Probably similar to the anime's counterpart (if not drawn out realistically, of course)?
    Zachmac. You probably didn't see me because I hadn't logged in yet, but I'm on now.
    Oh, yeah, I'm on. I'll have to move my team from Showdon to PO first, though. Hold on a moment.

    ...Though if you could fight on Showdown, that'd be preferred.
    Sorry I wasn't able to get on today when I said I would. My sister's computer had been acting up, and there was something she needed to do, so she was using mine.

    I'll try and get on at 4pm/11pm/whatever-you-want-to-call-it-pm tomorrow.
    I'd love to travel the Hoenn region with my Sinnoh and Unova Pokemon, and of course troll Team Aqua (and May) with Serperior. XD
    And the 3DS sales are going to amplify even further if they create ruby/sapphire remakes. There's a lot of Pokemon fans that favor generation 3, and love the Hoenn region as well. I bet there are individuals out there who'd buy the 3DS just for the Hoenn remakes.
    Well, I'm at -7, and it's a school week, so I'd only be available sometime after 10 at +0, since I get out of school at 3:15, then I have to walk home....

    But you sent that VM at 4:10, and left at 4:41 my time. If you could get on at around this time sometime later in the week, that'd work.
    Yeah, I need some more teams for the combatants cup anyway, I got done done over last round since I only had the one team :p
    It appears that we're facing eachother in the combatants cup this round.

    Any convenient times for you?
    Friendly reminder that Week 3 of the Combatants Cup is up. Please schedule your match and get it done as soon as possible. The round ends at 12:01 GMT -5 on Saturday, January 19th.
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