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  • Wonder if Serebii will ever open mod applications again so I can try to see if I can get the spot, mainly since no one wants to moderate the anime subforum/moderation in the subforum is dead as Dephender’s unfortunately essentially a once a week guy just to post summaries and titles and Sushi’s almost never around anymore.

    Might as well try doing cleanup and properly enforcing **** if I can.

    Sommie best boi
    Found out my Grandfather passed away just now. That sucks.
    I envy those capable of following and achieving their dreams and making their ideals reality.

    While I'm just a talentless mix of both a defeatist and realist.
    If only I could find a way to use reddit without the acc getting banned again. Still would like to use it despite how shitty the site is lmao.
    bought a wireless pro controller and it already drifts. Fking damn it. Literally had to order a Veanic tool kit that had the proper screwdrivers for being able to pry open pro controllers and Joycons just to try to be able to fix it (and attempt to fix my joycons while I’m at it).
    There have been way too many times that I could or should've shown some sort of empathy but over the years, I've gained essentially nothing but apathy. Doesn't help that I now seem to be incapable of crying. Even if I wanted to. Can't remember the last time I truly cried and whenever I try to cry, nothing comes out. It just...wont.
    Had to withdraw from my College Precal class. There was no way I was going to recover in order to pass. Gonna have to retake it at some point.

    I hope I never have to do that again.
    Still got a sore throat. Fever, headache, and body aches have vanished after 2 days. Based on how sudden it was, It was likely COVID which I got from a family member who unintentionally and unknowingly got it and got passed to me.
    Purchased BOTW and Three Houses today due to them getting price cuts at Gamestop. I basically got an accidental steal cause the guy scanning and doing my receipt accidentally made a mistake by scanning my BOTW purchase twice. BOTW was 26.99 and Three Houses was 39.99, just to say. I was supposed pay 70 in total but paid 60 instead cause the guy seemed to be oblivious to what he accidentally did.
    I didn’t even know about this until I left and was already away. The guy seemed to have accidentally scanned BOTW twice due to how he was holding the cases I had for purchase. Thinking back, He was holding them in a way that both scanning tags were overlapping and his scanner seemed to have missed the Three Houses one and he didn’t check what he scanned.
    So I basically accidentally got a steal and saved money due to the guy misscanning my purchases and didn’t double-check lulz. Can’t complain lmao.
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