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Recent content by Psychotic

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    Should the anime actually always correspond to the games.

    I'm okay with the anime breaking from the games so long as it's not something silly like lightning armor or the infamous "aim for the horn".
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    Sun & Moon Characters Speculation Thread

    The fanbase isn't literally a hivemind. These are different people you are talking about.
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    Have you ever enjoyed a series more than their respective games?

    Did you do any postgame content? There was a new island/cave and it makes the region feel bigger. Anyways, I liked Kalos enough to place it over X&Y. Those games were crap.
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    How long(episodes) would you have the league that Ash would win?

    Are we assuming winning a league implies Ash's journey is over? If so, 10 episodes + elite 4 would be great. Otherwise, 7-8 is good enough tbh.
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    Why did the writers gave Serena so little focus compared to May and Dawn?

    TIL 2 people are "most of the people in the wallace cup". It doesn't matter if you think it was expected of her or not. Win or lose, expected or unexpected the fact is it was a period where she got "focus" aka noteworthy screentime and means it wasn't pointless.
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    Why did the writers gave Serena so little focus compared to May and Dawn?

    How about the fact she got fewer episodes? I guess people don't like to bring this up because they ostensibly prefer shorter sagas but there is no doubt she(and every character in XY) would have faired better if XY was 190 episodes like DP . Comparing Dawn/May to Serena and not bringing this...
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    Sun & Moon Pokémon Speculation Thread

    This is all anecdotes and conjecture. I'm sure TPC has their own internal date so unless you work for them I doubt you have access to this kind of info. I've seen some reddit surveys here and there (example: https://infogr.am/welcome_your_first_project-84148) but obviously this can't be...
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    Sun & Moon Pokémon Speculation Thread

    Proof/Source pls? The online polls I've seen suggest otherwise. How is it even possible for Piplup to be the most popular base form and Empolean the least popular fully evolved ? They are the same line, if you pick Piplup you get Empoleon.
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    Sun & Moon Pokémon Speculation Thread

    Empolean was also popular(albeit by a slimmer margin) but that didn't matter in DP. I hope you're right though. It took a while for Barry be introduced back in DP so it's not impossible.
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    Japanese Poll for Ash's Favourite Companion

    I was nodding my head at your theory until it fell off a cliff here... So why does Japan dislike Iris?
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    Japanese Poll for Ash's Favourite Companion

    1000 respondents is small but not terrible in so far as you don't draw the wrong conclusion. One thing to note is the question "Who would you like to see Ash travel with again?" is not "Who was your favorite traveling companion?", I could see some people liking Dawn/Iris/Misty more than Serena...
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    Sun & Moon Pokémon Speculation Thread

    My prediction is what I think will happen, not what ought to happen.
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    Controversial Opinions - READ GUIDELINES IN FIRST POST *Possible Spoilers for SM*

    Was Greninja really the worst? Infernape got an obscene amount of attention at the expense of pretty much everyone but especially Buizel/Torterra. Paul vs Ash was effectively the Infernape show. Can't really blame the writers for this though, good development takes time to write so someone has...
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    Sun & Moon Pokémon Speculation Thread

    I can see Rowlet evoling to Dartrix but no further, after that he goes from "fancy bird" to "edgelord bird" and loses marketability.
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    Which rival vs. rival league battle was the best?

    Paul vs Barry, because I cared about the characters more.