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Last Activity:
Apr 4, 2020 at 7:15 AM
Apr 15, 2010
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Apr 20, 1995 (Age: 24)

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Strong Winds, Male, 24, from California

Staff Member Super Mod
Psynergy was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Apr 4, 2020 at 7:15 AM
    1. Cherche
      Yea, & assuming you've played Gen VI OU competitively, what did you think of his Mega Forme? I personally think it was crazy broken with Adaptability & 145 | 140 | 112 Offenses.
    2. The Imposter
      The Imposter
      Temperatures here range from -15 in the winter nights to 85 on the really hot days. Big temperature difference.
    3. Cherche
      Ah, I see. Well, back in Gen V & even late Gen IV, my favourite set was Swords Dance Lucario, I'll never forget the classic set I used. Swords Dance | Close Combat | Extremespeed | Bullet Punch, it was really amazing, a base 120 power attack coming off of a 700 Attack stat in combination with STAB & Life Orb, it just destroyed everything after Stealth Rock. Man, he was my favourite late-game sweeper of all time.
    4. Clone™
      Quick claw isn't banned because GF is run by trolls, remember? Yes, Lum Berry is awesome. It prevents those nasty parahax. I really hope so. I hate BP grinding.

      HP grass? Yeah, **** that. Ain't nobody got time fo dat. HP really isn't even that good, unless it's a 4x super effective hit IMO 60 BP isn't that great, unless your name is Roserade (Technician). Go Shadow Ball. It's resisted by less things. And yeah, thunderbolt is a good STAB for when you don't wanna switch.
    5. Solar Faber
      Solar Faber
      Yeah I understand that, i bet you are busy now
    6. The Imposter
      The Imposter
      I can't stand the heat. Any temperatures above 80 degrees I deem to be too hot. >_>
    7. ColorsofTheRainbow
      It does. It's really annoying, in fact >.<

      Oh, sweet. I didn't realize there were levels for the missions though. That's crazy. Do you have to just keep doing them over and over again?? That seems kind of boring. & It was wayyyy more fun before they implemented the whole anarchy/democracy thing. That's actually the reason I stopped watching it. Well, that and there's too many bots now. I started watching it almost right from the beginning, so seeing it go through all the changes kind of sucked :/

      Also, woah! You're a mod now! Congrats! I thought I was seeing things when your username was red haha.
    8. tomatohater
      Congrats on becoming a Mod on my favourite section, the Nintendo Discussion!
    9. Dragalge
      Not really. But if he doesn't come back then hell WILL rise.

      I'd love for that to happen, especially the mortality trio maybe being used as PokeBall usage.
    10. Dragonair7
      Hey, congrats on becoming a mod! :)
    11. Canada
      inb4 my crazy friends flood your profile just so they can ask you to become a games mod and unlock the counting games.

      i'm pleasantly surprised and impressed that this has not happened
    12. Solar Faber
      Solar Faber
      It will at some point, you are probably overflowed, I am used to getting a ton of vms ( 18 while I was in school) so I know how you feel slightly
    13. SkyTheMagicalSpiritualFox
      Hi cool picture icon, :)
    14. Shiny Swalot
      Shiny Swalot
      Maybe that made you a mod, because he could choose a next one, and then decided that after your long conversations you would be the best to follow him as being a mod?

      That is what I meant, at least they tried finding the Kanghaskanite
      Can moves be banned too? Never knew.

      What do you think about the Wifi going of for the older games?
    15. The Imposter
      The Imposter
      Any view of the ocean's nice. I'm pretty far inland here, so it's basically just forest, farmland, and the random moose around the town.
    16. Clone™
      Dem mistakes tho... I hate quick claw so much. It's complete BS. It's the sole reason I run. Lum Berry SD Scizor. Just so I have priority. Good to know. I'm definitely looking forward to reaping the benefits >:)

      Yes, yes it will. Volt Switch is needed for Rotom. It's not a huge priority, but it's still needed. I'm running overheat/VoltSwitch/Will o Wisp/thunderbolt. Is that a good move set, or do u recommend something better?
    17. Clone™
      That's also my main problem with competitive. I'm too impulsive and make dumb mistakes. Also, they just need to Ban quick claw. It brings nothing but bad times for the maison. 35=100+? Yes please. Gonna do a major grind this weekend. I'm assuming you do the same against the bosses, right?

      Yes, yes I do. I need two Scarfs, and one Focus Sash, plus the items I mentioned earlier. It think I'm up to about 2 AVs and 3 LOs that I need. And the Volt Switch TM -_-

      Something with Rayquaza maybe? You mods are lucky. I would love to have a personal avy.
    18. dirkac
      Indeed, and between XY still being recent, the Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie being spotilighted, Diancie's official reveal, alongside the usual Forum escapades he sure has his hands full now.
    19. Dragalge
      #1 is Yoshi while Dry Bones is #2. But Shy Guy's up there.

      Then we'll see Bird Jesus swoop down and defuse Kyurem B/W!
    20. Dragalge
      Shame to see him get the boot since he's probably my 3rd favorite Mario character. But with Palkia in a PokeBall I hope to see Kyurem in a 5th Gen Pokémon stage.
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    Apr 20, 1995 (Age: 24)
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