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  • Yeah. What I really want to know is the correct answers in the abnormal psych class. Also that gender studies class I was in just so I can know what the right answers were since that exam was stupid in terms of amount of detail I needed to know. Eh, I got an A in the class anyway. Yeah, I pretty much only have the stiff for my major left. I think the only one left that isn't is the theater class I'm in. Btw, I just had to read a play for that class that was really weird. I can't tell you what it was about since I can't talk about the subject matter without getting banned. Unless you really want to know, and I'll PM it to you.
    Maybe because the other reckless drivers out there XD

    Oh. Cup noodles is it? I thought there is a kitchen in your dormitory lol.
    I didn't drive recklessly lol. They are just worried.

    Oh I see. Lol you have no earplugs and eye patch for this kind of situation huh?
    And Regigigas, yes. :p And there's still something messed up when an improved alternate form of a Pokemon who was BL last gen is BL this gen. XD If the tiers were Uber, OU, BL, UU, BL2, RU, BL3, MU, BL4, SU, BL5, NU, then everything will be so messed up hahahaha

    And Masuda is Gospel so yes. XD It worked a bit with PMD Sky, but that wasn't really game-breaking or anything and I don't think you can apply that to the main games.

    My respect for Rotom has increased exponentially because it's such a tough little guy. And one week would've been yesterday, right?
    Exactly, I would like to know what I did badly on so I can learn what is correct. Especially in the things that I need for my major since it's pretty important that I know the stuff.
    Yeah, I kinda wish they would tell us how we did on finals. We don't get them back here either. I mean, I'd like to see what I got wrong and such.
    I had fun and my parents are terrified of my driving skills~

    Oh that is good~ I met my older sis not long ago but I hope I can see her again!
    Once the test is over, I stop worrying really. Since there's nothing I can do about it. Once I get it back though, then I can worry =P
    Haha who knows.

    Anyway my fav holiday starting today yay!

    And oh well it is sad that your roommate can't go back to China to see his relatives.

    Alright I got to go! Time to drive for me!
    Yeah -_-

    If the current party is still in power, they can do anything but not too much till it angers the citizens ALOT.

    The current Minister Mentor has helped Singapore to be successful in business and low crime rates. Though of course he did something that people are against him as well.
    I prefer to put my own avy for the avys that appear for messaging though -_-

    Hmm yeah! You know I have a feeling that if my country's oldest Minister Mentor pass away, there will be a holiday dedicated for him.
    Oh ok! Actually I prefer 200 by 200 pixels avy haha.

    Haha true~ Almost every month has holidays~ You have holidays to celebrate importance people right?
    But isn't for the profile avy has size restrictions?

    Lol we have alot of holidays, but they don't last long. Usually only one day of celebrations unless is related to New Year celebrations and Christmas.
    Lolwut. You want a smaller size avy for the forum right?

    Haha! Alot of celebrations yup! So your roommate is going back to his homeland for the celebration?
    Yeah. They have to purposely hack the game to show the shinies that they can take a screen shot of them haha.

    Yup! My country celebrated Tamil, Malays, Chinese and Western holidays~
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