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  • Because the Arctic ice is melting away, ships can go through there and avoid being raided by pirates. The pirates usually patrolling at the east of Africa.

    I am bothered when I need the items! After that I just don't wanna go back there again!
    Hmm! Ok change topic! What do you think of a new shipping route through the Arctic?

    I don't feel the hype to battle in Battle Maison.
    Yup. But being calm is needed so that the person has higher chances of survival.

    Oh. Like the game mechanics and some sort. Actually why do you think they removed the BP given for a random battle?
    I'm not sure anymore if I will be doing them cause this gen is producing shinies way to fast and I would constantly be doing updates. I think it would be kinda hard to keep up with them. I am still debating
    That one was actually in the first batch and I enjoyed it a lot. That was my first Kirby game actually. I have six of his games right now, my guess is he'll send me around the same number.
    Yup! But saving lives is more important than feeling the pressure from people around you! Oh maybe I do feel the pressure to save a person's life.

    Oh I see. So you visit Smogon forum too?

    I ended up didn't battle but EV training my Pokemon lol.
    Same - I had that question for my Swampert back in Platinum [which I miss dearly, damn it Pokebank] but when it started missing a lot with Aqua Tail the choice became clear. Hahaha. I always thought Fly wasn't a 75(?)-power move because of its two-turn effect, but it's technically stronger so yeah.

    A fast but bulky spinner is nothing to laugh at, so yeah. Plus points since its a geometric snowflake thing! XD I think with the nerf to weather, people would start using Hail in the lower tiers [with the very big chance of it being unbanned], which means Ice-types may have some more utility, so woo!

    I'm half-half with the DPPt music and HGSS had really good ones and really bad ones [but of course RSE had amazing amazing bells bells music], but I do agree that the music has been really good. Well the fact that they skipped an entire generation Hoenn-less is enough of a reason to remake it so ahahaha
    Yup. I deal with pressure all the time so I am fine~

    Huh. It is my first time hearing about Instacheck so it is not that common for me!

    Woot time for rating battles!
    Yeah. I have to do 30 compressions and 2 breaths per cycle.There maybe a chance I have to do more than 5 cycles with AED to try to revive someone before the ambulance arrives.

    They can't say that! It is up to the consumer to find out. Besides any a few people in millions do this isn't it?
    Nah I try not to break them. Just that there is a risk that it can happen. But breaking the ribs is not that the bone will pierce through muscles, it is just a snap within the boundaries of the muscles so it can still heal properly.

    Oh. That is cool and I know they wanna regulate the shinies to be not sooo common until able to form a team of shinies for battle XD
    Yup! And I already got a cert woot! I received an inflatable dummy to work on too! Wow doing a chest compression about 5cm deep on a chest per compression is enough to break some ribs!

    Oh. Hmm so before the update some people managed to manipulate?
    Well, last time I just returned them when I visited him, but I was just going to put them in the box with his Christmas present this time. Otherwise I'd just put them in an envelope and send them so it's just the price of stamps.
    I've had it for a couple months. Along with five other games. I just need to play the 6th one and then mail them all back to him. Then he's going to send me more.
    Yeah, I have decided not to finish it. I really don't like it. Good thing it's a game I borrowed from my boyfriend and not one I bought.
    I gotta go now! See ya Gustavo!

    Automated External Defibrillation

    So you mean no more RNGing?
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