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  • Well, you did say that they seemed to know when you used Truant Durant....

    It will, but I don't really want to spend money on the pokebank since I am a broke college student.
    Yes it is. Now let's hope that the AI hasn't gotten smarter.

    I have gotten a lot of the legends in older games, but I don't tend to transfer them. I did a bit of transferring from gen 3 to gen 4 since I could do that really easily. I haven't done any transferring from gen 4 to 5 hardly. I did it maybe once and that was it.
    Predictability is good?

    I might try and complete the dex this gen. Why not? Since most of them are in the dex, might as well. Though I don't know how I'll get the legendaries. Maybe there'll be someone who's willing to trade and trade back for the dex entry.
    The enemies received the same damage as normal mode. Only their attacks are two times stronger.

    Oh hmm. Version 1.2 is on the way!

    Every battle? Not just battle facilities and wifi battles?
    And can't find them in grass or pots too. Yup!

    Oh yeah. So just the mid way communication error. Hmm. But since this glitch isn't that common, maybe Nintendo won't patch it up.

    OH. This is a cool item. Feel like trying this item out. You can get it in an exchange for BPs right?
    The only way to recover HP is by purchasing potions, fairies or getting heart pieces. Well to him he prefers challenge!

    Is wonder trade different from a wifi FC trade? Hmm happens if communication error during the mid way of egg trade. How risky. If there is 3DS card reader may able to save the files since there will be a backup file in case of this kind of situation happened.

    Assault Vest? Why is that?
    All the insides being squashed eww yuck. If I think too much of me eating squashed bugs, I may puke -_- Oh my brother is playing Hero mode for Windwaker now XD

    Yeah. Oh I stumbled upon this site. It seems there is another glitch. Heard of it?


    I roughly know what they are using haha. So far life orb is getting popular though. Any Pokemon holding cut super effective hits berries surprises me all the time when I am used to typical Pokemon holding typical items!!
    I would expect that out of the leaders, but I can't say I like that random trainers have 3.

    That is convenient. I might have to use it for once.
    As long as it's rarely and not a full team of legends.

    That'll make things easier. I never actually used the GTS because I could never find any trade that wasn't asking for a legend.
    I wouldn't expect them to go away completely. Now that I think about it, I don't remember seeing any in the Subway. Maybe I never got far enough.

    I hope so. I really hope they take away the whole asking for a lvl 9 or lower Zekrom and such.
    Good to know there aren't legendary spammers. I never liked how people spammed legendaries because there aren't supposed to be many of them in the pokemon world.

    I hope that's true since I hate it when people hack.
    Wow, that's pretty bad. Yeah, good thing you had Blaziken.

    As long as it doesn't lead to people hacking to get hacked pokemon and such, I guess I don't really care too much.
    Lol which is more gross: potions made from Chus Chus or bugs?

    Yeah I really need to consider this.

    Surprisingly it is pretty common in doubles. Especially Metagross and Conkeldurr with a Swagger partner.
    Yeah, sounds pretty bad. Sturdy is so annoying =/

    Eh, I don't like Hoopa. Also, it appears as if it wasn't leaked, it appears as if it was hacked. So much for no one being able to hack the games.
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