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  • I don't know why I liked it better, I just did.

    A duplicate shiny Durant? You have another? Dang, what're the chances of finding the same shiny you already have? =/
    Usually I would go into the E4 with levels matching the first E4 member, so it would get harder as I went. Heck, I lose fairly often to those E4s. But then again, I have gotten better as a player...even so, it's not really easy either.
    Yeah, but even before when they were pretty popular I rarely saw them, and I never saw a copy of Colosseum or XD. Hell, I've only seen like two Gamecubes my entire life and one of them wasn't in this country =))

    Nah, I don't know him, but that's really nice of him to do so. :D And I definitely agree, since at the heart of it the idea of owning a Pokemon also comes down to personal value, and shinies are just an upgraded version of that or something.
    That's a pretty cool ingame. Good choice. What did you think of BW 2? Also, wanna trade FCs? Working on a sizeable safari conglomerate. Mine's 4785-5575-1648 IG:Storm
    Not at all! I'm lucky enough to have a Jolly Synchronizer, so the Rough Skin female is more than enough of a starting point. And I've got a decent Marill to give in return, albeit not with Belly Drum. See you on the PSS in a bit?
    Hang in there! I went for BellyJet Azumarill, and have so far managed to cap out at 4IV Aqua Jet babies. It'll be almost a reset when I have to add Belly Drum into the mix. We've both got great pay-offs waiting for us though, heh. ^_^;
    well, that is quite true...
    Ow, never knew... They will look more like the Original pokemon series then. Hopefully Swalotite or evo Swalot will occur
    Can you only use one mega per battle? didnt know that either... Should have read better...
    I think that in pokemon Hoenn remakes, RedRuby and GreenSapphire, they are going to introduce the other starter mega stones + Swalotite
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