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  • I think it has some merit, though the way they infused the mechanic is a bit off-putting, seeing as it seems like you're just using money to get better things [which is a real-life thing rather than a "work hard for it" kind of thing that Pokemon usually does, ie. Shiny Charm]. And damn, that's so lucky! Shame you didn't get a shiny Truant Durant [I still think it has the best hidden ability ever because Truant Durant Truant Durant Truant Durant Truant Durant] but hey, two is better than [n]one!

    Yeah I didn't state they won't use the move lol. Oh new possibilities and now I so want to get the game. Ah must be the 'cold turkey' effect like not taking addictive for a long time. But I know it is not good to get the game but right now I am just bored.

    I used that move you know? I think the opponent thought I was stupid to use the move but at least I burnt the team's berries!
    Lol maybe the opposite as their 'outer skin' hurts me until I am able to slice them to get the juicy 'fresh' that is the remedy. YUCK. I think twice of drinking that yucky stuff.

    Lol Telekinesis, I am glad it is gone -_-. Power-up Punch isn't first hit move so people will still use Mach Punch. Hmmm. I would like to see Kingdra being smothered by fairy light haha. I just feel annoyed by that Dragon.

    As usual some useless TMs appear again!
    -_- Will they help you regain health or energy if they touch you?

    Oh? Nature Power as TM huh, I don't use this move at all! Power-Up Punch is interesting, maybe if Technician can use it or some strong defenses Pokemon. Confide is like Struggle Bug huh? Yeah shine the battle and hurt anyone else (except Telepathy.) Only one of my Pokemon has Telekinesis. I prefer Gravity.
    Oh please go ahead haha!

    OH YEAH. I love Dark Pulse. So there are new TMs as well?
    Lol. Actually I haven't been slimed before so I don't know how that feels. Maybe Chu Chu slime bathe me may not be so bad.

    OH YEAH. That will be fun to go in almost all directions XD TMs are permanent right?
    Even so, I think they just want to let their inner anger out on anything so yeah the wisest thing is not to argue to make them more mad haha.

    Woot halloween! Eww you really think those are cute? So I can use ya as a shield against them? Haha!

    Damn. How about being frozen haha. Oh no seasons? I kind of like that having seasons in the game. Ski on ice~
    I mean I am not the one that cause their rage, just like to see their comments and ponder about them.

    Even in Windwaker, they are annoying too. They have eyes!

    Lol prefer not to make sense haha. Maybe that hiker should be just covered in snow XD Are there season changes in X and Y?
    Funny thing is, I like to see their reaction haha. Amuse me a little.

    I can't hug them! They just split up and join back other that! Argh yuck bleh. Never want to encounter them if I go for a monster hunting adventure!

    I know! When you aren't playing the game, they will rest and do some other stuff. Like the ones in Wreck It Ralph!
    Lol people say these things very common and no point to argue with them.

    That is the problem! Slimes! Argh freak me out any time! And the sound effect!

    He will stay there like forever XD Awesome endurance they have huh? Lol reminds me of some runner in 5th gen running on every bridges and don't have water to drink XD
    Yeah, that is weird. So, if you don't have a shiny Heatmor, why are you glad it wasn't the shiny in the horde? Think its colors are ugly or something?
    I think I was too young to care XD Or I was too busy getting sucked into Pokemon. Hahaha

    Ohh, that's nice :D And yeah, shinies now run rampant because there are much easier ways of getting them. That Shiny Charm meant that MM'ing for one was much easier, then 4th gen had chaining and 3rd gen had cloning. While it isn't set in stone yet, people seem to find so many shinies in XY [though the same can't be said for me XD], so I'm sure they are much more common now. I don't think they changed the normal odds, though, but more of included factors that did.
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