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  • well, that is quite true...
    Ow, never knew... They will look more like the Original pokemon series then. Hopefully Swalotite or evo Swalot will occur
    Can you only use one mega per battle? didnt know that either... Should have read better...
    I think that in pokemon Hoenn remakes, RedRuby and GreenSapphire, they are going to introduce the other starter mega stones + Swalotite
    maybe you should only pick megas? that would be cool...

    something like: Mega Charizard Y, Mega Garchomp, Mega Abomasnow (abomasnow is one of my favourites xD), Mega Mawile or Mega Lucario, Mega Manectirc and Mega Gengar or Mega Gyarados

    Strange that no gen 5 got Mega evolutions. Maybe Mega's were supposed to be in BW, but they skipped it one more?
    ow, didnt think of that last one. So now you are probably taking
    I would then add a
    Ampharos (for fun)
    Ohhh, I never got the chance to play Colosseum myself. XD I always wanted to since it seems really interesting, but there aren't that many Gamecube games sold here. And yeah, seeing as it was the original aim of Pokemon, it's always an awesome feeling when you finish it.

    Ooh, how did you get it? Yeah, they've done a good job making it more accessible, but it's ironic because the merit of shinies is their inaccessibility. But hey, the more shinies to go around, the better, right?
    Rough Skin would be cool, sure. And no worries about time. I've just ended the Chespin breeding bonanza, so maybe by the time you're ready to trade a leftover Gible I'll have my own breeding experiment payoffs to swap for it.
    Come to think of it, would you be willing to trade me one of your disposable Gibles? I'd like to breed for Garchomps myself sooner or later. =P
    D'oh! I only just realized what you said in the thread!

    Males can pass on Hidden Abilities, but only if you breed them with Ditto. Since your female Gible has Sand Veil, all the babies will have Sand Veil. Jeez, Gustavo, I'm sorry I didn't realize the problem right away; could've saved you those five eggs. D=
    Hah, that's the 'luck' part of Pokémon games that we're supposed to find realistic but mostly is just a bit frustrating. ^_^;
    Oh wow, I do have a massive ground weakness don't I? I didn't even notice that. Ah well, I had a massive water weakness in my first run of Black. Lost to Charon once because of it too. That damn Simipour kept using Scald in the rain.

    Oh god, that's bad. Why do people call in false bomb threats like that? People are just stupid....
    Crazier because they even feel for the virtual game? You know treating animals better does not necessary they will listen to them. They will feel they are the dominant ones.

    Chu Chu. Oh man Twilight Princess version creeps me out!

    Humor me!
    Maybe? I suppose that'd be a reason.

    So I think I finally decided on my team for Y. Delphox, Aegislash, Aurorus, Heliolisk, Dragalge, and Talonflame (might be replaced by Yveltal)
    hmm, didnt think about that. Shows I havent played X and Y
    maybe you should add a rapid spinner then? like forretress? or maybe donphan? Starmie?
    or give mega charizard X an air balloon
    Pretty cool. I used Ampharos, Tyrantum, Chestnaught, Blaziken, Yvetal, and Gardevoir for in-game. I'm gonna work in a metagross in one of my teams. I always have to have one. Good luck hunting shinies!
    I found the ending pretty charming. I trained a couple new gens like Tyrantrum but i'm probably going to have a rough team by next week. Still getting used to the typing of stuff like Barbaracle. Are you planning any pure gen 6 teams or mixed?
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