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  • Pretty good! Just getting my **** together in college and stuff. Finished the main game in Y. It felt really refreshing so I felt like rejoining serebii again lol. Digged the French themes and new designs.
    I should have a better look there then I guess...

    Anything else you want to talk about? How is shiny hunting going? I read the shiny thread, but I can have missed something out
    Daaamn, that's really cool! So that means you got that Johto starter in Emerald, which is really awesome :D And maybe! Since the 3DS doesn't need a special WiFi setting to connect online, I'll probably be into trading a lot of stuff away to complete the dex. I have extra shinies myself from all the chaining I did in Pearl, so I could use those to get some cool ones. Hahaha.

    Worth a shot I guess, and if anything it adds to your list of shinies. :p And you have a Shiny Torchic from a trade? Whoa! I think it's a really nice concept, though I'm half-and-half with how they're making them much easier to get with all the new methods. On one hand I really like getting them, but on the other it sort-of devalues them. I'm not complaining, but it's something to think about.
    Daaamn XD The closest I ever got to completing a dex was... Gen 4 I think, and even then I missed all the events and stuff. Hahaha. And it makes sense that the Shiny Charm is the reward, seeing as the Oval Charm made a return. Hoping it is, though! And give what a shot? Also, shiny-trading isn't as fulfilling as shiny-hunting imo, but it's interesting what people trade for a shiny. Hahaha.
    I caught 2 shinies from regular encounters within 3 days of eachother. Taking into account the most time I've ever put into a game was Audino hunting in 5th gen, and there was a 1 month gap between the 2 shinies gathered as a result, it's safe to say the rate has been increased.
    Whoa, good job! That means you're only a little over 100 away from getting that Shiny Charm, which is insane. XD I'd also pay a lot for a Rotom of my own, seeing as the Lost Hotel isn't really the most accessible place in the game. Hahaha. I guess it's worth a shot, seeing as it isn't as complicated or tiresome as the other methods. And whoa, that person must have been desperate for a golden Magikarp [or a red Gyarados, but eh].
    I don't expect there's going to be a shiny charm due to the abundance of shinies, as it is apparently implemented.
    I don't like entry hazards myself. But that's because I have been told that they're really not very good when you only are using 3 pokemon to battle with. Since what makes entry hazards good is lots of damage over time from lots of switching. And you don't do that as often with 3 pokemon.
    I suppose it could be practical if you do it right. Don't use Defog, it gets rid of hazards on the opponent's side of the field, meaning the things you set up will go away.
    I suppose so. Even though weather was nerfed. Though I suppose all that means is that you'll want to switch a lot. But then I think of entry hazards....
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